For Sale: A 150-Million-Year-Old Sauropod Skeleton [UPDATE]

In the market for a beautifully preserved, 150-million-year-old, 55-foot long Diplodocus skeleton? HAVE WE GOT A DEAL FOR YOU. A 19-foot tall sauropod specimen (goes by the name of "Misty"), will be up for auction next month, and is expected to fetch close to a million dollars. But the greatest cost could be to… » 10/23/13 12:20pm 10/23/13 12:20pm

Woolly Mammoths Lived Longer, Died Treedeath, Say Scientists

Woolly mammoths may have lived millennia later than initially believed, if new dating techniques of a recent fossil discovery are accurate. Scientists are now estimating that the originally-thought extinction date of 21,000 years ago is off... by a third. » 6/21/09 9:00am 6/21/09 9:00am

Witness The Evidence For Life On Mars

This Martian meteorite, which goes on display today at the Natural History Museum in London, crashed in Egypt nearly a hundred years ago. It was part of the great Martian rockfall of 1911, which started with the appearance of a cloud and some detonations. Local residents were terrified when they were hit with a rain… » 11/28/07 1:30pm 11/28/07 1:30pm