Explore a 4000-year-old Peruvian monster from the comfort of your home

Late last month, anthropologist Robert Benfer announced that he and his team of researchers had discovered several enormous, earth-formed animal shapes in Peru, including the orca-shaped mound you see up top. Now, thanks to some clever folks over at Google Earth Blog, you can actually explore two of these mounds for… »4/10/12 11:40am4/10/12 11:40am


Who created these huge, mysterious wheel patterns in the Mideast thousands of years ago?

Called geoglyphs, these strange circular patterns etched into the rocky sands from Saudi Arabia to Syria have no known meaning or origin. Though archaeologists say they likely date back over 2,000 years, there are no records of who made them, nor why they would make such elaborate patterns that can only be… »9/15/11 5:46pm9/15/11 5:46pm