Things go to hell for pretty much everybody in the Dracula finale

Those hoping that NBC's Dracula miniseries would bring the excitement for the season (series?) finale, you couldn't have been disappointed. Sure, not everything was resolved, but how upset can you be with a finale that included a great deal of murder, fucking, and the blood of Christ used as a vampire GPS? » 1/25/14 10:30am 1/25/14 10:30am

NBC’s Dracula is ridiculous, insane, and completely fascinating

I’m a big Dracula fan. As such, I often bemoan how there’s never really been a 100% accurate live-action version of Bram Stoker’s original novel. But even the loosest adaptation would look at NBC’s new Dracula series and yell, “DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” I don’t know the answer, but it’s definitely going to… » 10/26/13 10:00am 10/26/13 10:00am

New Scifi TV Shows from Alfonso Cuarón and the Creators of Fringe

This fall's television is already looking likely to be chock full of brand new science fiction and fantasy projects. The networks are getting ready to announce their final schedules, and we're already hearing about some pilots that have been picked up. Including a robot cop show, and a new series from Alfonso Cuarón! » 5/09/13 1:54pm 5/09/13 1:54pm

MSN wants to relaunch Heroes, because it hates happiness

Yes, Heroes is coming back, at least if MSN has its way. The Microsoft Network, which is trying to create original programming for Xbox Live, is in talks with NBC to bring back the superhero show, which had one good season and three godawful seasons that were horrific punishments from a cruel and uncaring god. » 4/17/13 11:40am 4/17/13 11:40am

NBC'S Jekyll and Hyde show canned after just two episodes

Hope you weren't excited about NBC's sexy new version of Jekyll and Hyde, because it's dead. After a mere two episodes, NBC yanked Do No Harm off the air. This was after it premiered to 3.1 million viewers and a 0.9 demo rating, thus making Do No Harm the lowest-rated season opener in the history of major network… » 2/11/13 7:10am 2/11/13 7:10am