Busty hitchhikers and penile electroshock: 20 weird science papers in 5 minutes

Over at the eminently entertaining NCBI ROFL, the most head-scratching papers in the name of scientific inquiry are given their day in the sun. In this video starring NCBI ROFL emissaries Meredith Carpenter and Lillian Fritz-Laylin, twenty strange findings are rolled out like one-liners. Now you know about that… »11/20/11 11:15am11/20/11 11:15am


Science explains why humor turns women on

We all know that women like funny guys (how else do you explain Woody Allen's love life?), but empirical evidence for this phenomenon has been sorely lacking. Fortunately, in a recent study in the journal Psychological Reports, a French scientist took up the challenge of testing whether humor helps men pick up women. »2/25/11 6:51pm2/25/11 6:51pm

Could a pigeon be the next great art critic?

Are humans the only animals that can appreciate beauty? Stories about painting elephants and chimps have convinced some that we are not the only species with a developed sense of the aesthetic. But doubts remain regarding whether these animals are truly creating art or simply trained performers. A Japanese scientist… »2/18/11 4:22pm2/18/11 4:22pm

Mathematicians figure out how to fend off gold-diggers - with game theory

As any man will tell you (especially in the weeks before Valentine's Day), gift-giving is a tricky business. Although men can use gifts to enhance their chances of getting laid, this can also leave them vulnerable to "gold-diggers" (a highly scientific term that describes women who use the promise of sex to get stuff… »2/04/11 7:44pm2/04/11 7:44pm