Oh hell yes: Neil deGrasse Tyson to appear in upcoming issue of Superman

HUGE props to DC Comics on this one. The company is releasing a new book this week (Action Comics Superman #14) that addresses several heretofore unanswered questions about Krypton and the star it orbits. But here's the kicker: they consulted Neil deGrasse Tyson — the sexiest astrophysicist on Earth and director of… »11/05/12 3:30pm11/05/12 3:30pm

And now, a photoshopped picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson giving someone the finger (of science)

For those wondering, it looks like this is the original. For everyone else/anyone who prefers to ignore the fact that the gesture in the photograph up top is 100% fake, and instead imagine that it was delivered with a hearty "because SCIENCE, bitches": enjoy the badassery. [via allbrook86] »7/13/12 7:17pm7/13/12 7:17pm