All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Miss in August!

Summer movie season is pretty much over — but books are just getting started. This month's books include bracing space opera, poignant magical realism, dark subversive futures, epic fantasy. And most of all, lots and lots of mind-blowing action. Here are all the books you can't afford to sleep on in August. »8/01/13 4:36pm8/01/13 4:36pm

All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in February

Is the publishing industry trying to kill us all? There are so many must-read books coming in February that you may not have time to sleep, or socialize, or possibly go to your job to afford more books. This month's haul includes Kelly Link and Peter Beagle writing superhero tales, Neal Asher's brand new dystopian… »2/05/13 3:18pm2/05/13 3:18pm

Space Opera Author Neal Asher Makes It Up As He Goes Along

Acclaimed author Neal Asher talks about his writing habits and how he develops stories, in a new video interview. He has a ferocious work ethic: he aims to write 2,000 words a day and 10,000 words a week, and approaches writing just like any other job. (As he says on his website, "I’ve been an engineer, barman, skip… »12/29/08 6:30pm12/29/08 6:30pm