NASA considers plan to capture an asteroid and turn it into a space station

The White House's Office of Science and Technology is currently mulling over a proposal from Caltech scientists that describes a plan to capture a near-Earth asteroid and bring it into the moon's orbit. If approved, the $2.6 billion plan would see the development of a robotic spacecraft that would transport a 500-ton… »1/07/13 11:00am1/07/13 11:00am

The World needs an International Asteroid Warning System

Here's a hypothetical scenario: a mountainous asteroid is hurtling toward Earth. The world's governments are scrambling to notify their citizens. What country (countries?) should take charge? Where should people turn for instructions on how best to prepare for the impending impact? How will notifications and updates… »6/07/12 2:31pm6/07/12 2:31pm

It's Official: Planetary Resources Unveils Plans for Asteroid-Mining

A recently announced space venture backed by James Cameron, Google executives, and others isn't scheduled to formally announce its plans until later today, but as of late last night, the news is official: Planetary Resources, Inc. is fixing to do some asteroid-mining. Here's everything we know about the venture so far. »4/24/12 10:55am4/24/12 10:55am