David Brin's Existence will make you think about the future a whole new way

David Brin has created some of the greatest classics of recent science fiction, including Startide Rising, plus the short stories "The Crystal Spheres" and "Thor Meets Captain America," the latter of which was the basis of the graphic novel The Life Eaters. So Brin's first novel in a decade is cause for celebration. »6/18/12 7:19pm6/18/12 7:19pm


A Super-Optimistic History of the Near Future: It all works out okay, really

One of the biggest challenges in concocting an optimistic near-future setting is just figuring out how we're going to solve the environmental and economic challenges we're facing. Peak oil. Climate change. And so on. So reading Australian professor Peter C. Doherty's optimistic history of the world, as of 2050, is… »8/22/11 10:30am8/22/11 10:30am

Future Historians Explain the Success of the Obama Administration

Now that Barack Obama has been elected president, reports are pouring in from the future to let us know what to expect from the next four to eight years. While some of these posts from the future depict Obama’s America as a big government, anti-Christian nightmare »11/06/08 3:00pm11/06/08 3:00pm, others assure us that the new administration will…

Charles Stross Says You Can No Longer Write Near-Future Science Fiction

There's no question we're living in unpredictable times. With rapid advances in technology, ever-shifting governments and national borders, and unforeseen natural, political, and economic disasters, it is getting more and more difficult for people to make stable plans for the next few years. And, as novelist Charles… »9/30/08 10:00am9/30/08 10:00am