NECA's Power Loader Might Just Be The Coolest Aliens Toy Ever Made

It’s been a fantastic year for Alien fans when it comes to toys. NECA have been churning out awesome figures, most notably the first ever Jones the Cat Ripley figure to use Sigourney Weaver’s likeness, and a coll figure based on her Aliens look. Now Aliens Ripley is getting a rad toy to play with: The Power Loader! »9/14/15 9:00pm9/14/15 9:00pm

The Pacific Rim Toy Line Finally Made The Best Jaeger Toy

Sure, there’s been versions of Striker Eureka in NECA’s excellent Pacific Rim line, both big and small. But none have let you do one of the giant robot’s coolest attacks: its anime-inspired salvo of rockets spewing out of its chest. That is, until now, with the most badass Jaeger figure yet. »7/15/15 12:06am7/15/15 12:06am

NECA's Latest Pacific Rim Figure Is Half Blown Up, But Still Beautiful

It’s a damn good job Pacific Rim’s Gipsy Danger is such a cool robot, otherwise getting like, the billionth Gispy Danger figure in NECA’s sublime toy line based on the movie would be very annoying at this point. I mean, it still is a little annoying, but when Gipsy can look this great, it’s easy to forgive that. »6/02/15 3:30am6/02/15 3:30am

These Cute Toys From Pacific Rim Are Now Actual Toys You Can Buy

During Pacific Rim’s opening montage, protagonist Raleigh Beckett briefly laments that Humanity has turned their fear of the monstrous Kaiju into the cute toys seen above. But now you can own these adorable little Vinyl figures, so honestly who cares what a fictional character thinks of them? Gimme Gimme Gimme. »5/22/15 10:30am5/22/15 10:30am

This Awesome Pacific Rim Kaiju Can Carry Your Jaeger Toys To Their Doom

Otachi is basically the Batman of NECA’s Pacific Rim toy line at this point. The Kaiju beastie ranks up there with main star Gipsy Danger for variant toys, but only one comes with a feature for it to grab other mech toys and carry them up to their rapid-descent death. That’s pretty damn cool. »5/19/15 1:20pm5/19/15 1:20pm

A Terminator Figure That Does Retro Right

San Diego Comic Con is just over two months away, and you know what that means? It’s time to unveil the oodles of Con-exclusive merchandise that’ll be available. NECA’s kicking off the wallet-tempting with a take on a retro toy idea that doesn’t fall into some of the pitfalls of the recent “retro style” boom. »4/29/15 2:40pm4/29/15 2:40pm

The New Terminator Genisys Figure Is Basically Old Arnold Schwarzenegger

I mean yeah, he has a shotgun, but the first revealed Terminator Genisys figure from NECA could just as easily double as an "Old Man Arnie" figure, regardless of the fact he's meant to be a Killer Robot. In fact, now I just kind of want an Arnold Schwarzenegger toy line. Think of all the Gubernatorial variants! »4/08/15 12:00am4/08/15 12:00am

NECA's Aliens Power Loader Is The Perfect Accompaniment To Ripley

It's not been long since NECA gave us the first, wonderful Alien figure using Sigourney Weaver's likeness as Ellen Ripley, but she'll soon be getting the coolest accessory to kick ass in: A properly-scaled Power Loader that, although much tinier than the massive replica we saw recently, is still a great bit of kit. »2/18/15 11:20am2/18/15 11:20am

NECA's Jonesy Action Figure Also Comes With A Great Ripley Accessory

You might be excited about about the release of NECA's fourth wave of Alien toys, because it includes the first officially licensed, screen-accurate figure of Jones the Cat. But Jones fans will be pleased to know that he comes with a nifty extra: The first Ellen Ripley toy to have Sigourney Weaver's facial likeness. »2/02/15 9:00pm2/02/15 9:00pm