Neil DeGrasse Tyson Knows The Meaning Of Life

There aren't many people I would trust to have a valid answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" but astrophysicst Neil deGrasse Tyson would have to be on top of the list. Which is why it should surprise no one that, when asked this question by an inquisitive six-year-old, he had the perfect answer. » 1/16/15 3:30pm 1/16/15 3:30pm

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Amazing StarTalk Is Getting Its Own TV Series

If you haven't seen (or listened to) Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk, what are you doing with your life? But seriously this podcast/webseries is amazing and we're delighted to tell you that it's about to become a TV show! » 1/08/15 3:40pm 1/08/15 3:40pm

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Sailor Moon Villain

When scientists finally fessed up that Pluto wasn't really a planet, some people were upset — none moreso than Sailor Pluto, who discovered she'd suddenly lost membership in the Sailor Scouts. Here's how Neil deGrasse Tyson accomplished what Wiseman never could. » 1/06/15 6:22am 1/06/15 6:22am

Your Periodic Reminder Neil deGrasse Tyson Is The Greatest Of All Time

We all know NDT is phenomenally awesome. But if you heard him tell a six-year-old girl to bang on pots and pans and jump in puddles, even if her parents disapprove, would you still think he's bestowing sage advice? Well, you absolutely would if you heard his explanation why. » 11/14/14 3:40pm 11/14/14 3:40pm

Amazon's Offering Cosmos on Blu-Ray Today for Just $22

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos is arguably one of the most important shows to come out in recent memory, and inarguably one of the most beautiful. I'm happy to report that it looks better than ever on Blu-ray, and you can own the entire series today for just $22. » 11/01/14 9:51am 11/01/14 9:51am

How I Became Thousands of Nerds' Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo

I'm sitting in an office in Manhattan a few blocks from Central Park. It's a fairly typical workday, filled with emails, trips to the coffee pot, and refreshing my sites. I'm on all the good ones: Twitter, Facebook, you name it. » 8/08/14 3:43pm 8/08/14 3:43pm

Neil deGrasse Tyson Gives Us A Detailed Breakdown Of NASCAR Physics

Back in May, astrophysicist and science educator Neil deGrasse Tyson found his show was bumped due to a NASCAR race. Undeterred, he took to Twitter to explain some of the physics of racing. We're fans, but we thought his math was a little off. So Dr. Tyson just showed up in the comments to explain it all. » 7/03/14 4:03pm 7/03/14 4:03pm

Cosmos: Even While Darkness Surrounds Us, The Light Is Winning

We begin (and end) in one of Carl Sagan's favorite virtual environments from the original series: the Library of Alexandria. Sagan used the Library as a cautionary tale about what can be lost when a civilization is careless with its knowledge, but Tyson uses it as an inspirational story. » 6/09/14 9:46am 6/09/14 9:46am

The Next Cosmos Is Poised To Be The Most Controversial Yet

To date, the rebooted Cosmos series has unabashedly tackled such "controversial" topics as evolution and industry-funded science denial. But as this preview of the next episode shows, Neil deGrasse Tyson — along with his adorable dog — are heading straight into climate change country. » 5/29/14 6:40am 5/29/14 6:40am

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Just How Wealthy Bill Gates Is

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains just how rich billionaire Bill Gates is in terms of "how much money needs to be on the street for Bill Gates to bother to pick it up." The answer is... a lot. It's a lot of money. » 5/28/14 7:00am 5/28/14 7:00am

Cosmos Asks If Humanity Has What It Takes To Survive

Tonight's episode of Cosmos is about the fragility and durability of life. Our story starts in the cradle of civilization, Iraq, with the development of written language and the recorded legends of the Mesopotamian goddess Innana, the hero Gilgamesh and the flood myth that found its final form in the Old Testament and… » 5/19/14 9:20am 5/19/14 9:20am

Neil deGrasse Tyson Slammed For Dismissing Philosophy As 'Useless'

On a recent episode of the Nerdist podcast, Neil deGrasse Tyson dismissed philosophy as a useless enterprise, advising students to avoid it. It's not the first time he's made such remarks, prompting biologist and philosopher Massimo Pigliucci to write a must-read response. » 5/12/14 12:32pm 5/12/14 12:32pm

Cosmos Explains How Michael Faraday Lit Up Our Lives

Tonight's episode of Cosmos tells the story of Michael Faraday, the man who unlocked the secrets of electricity. Born to poverty, unaccomplished at school and evidently cursed with an unfortunately Elmer Fudd-like speech impediment, Faraday educated himself well enough on the subject of electricity to apprentice for… » 5/12/14 9:20am 5/12/14 9:20am

Cosmos Shows How Life Will Always Find A Way... To Screw Everything Up

"Nothing is permanent," said the great philosopher Heraclitus, "except change." Tonight's episode of Cosmos was about the changes the Earth has undergone over the eons and the contribution life has made to those changes. » 5/05/14 9:33am 5/05/14 9:33am

How We Discovered the Life Cycles of Stars, on Cosmos

The theme for this week's episode of Cosmos was the life cycle of stars, beginning with the famous Pleiades star cluster. But this episode truly belongs to a cluster of stars from the world of science: astronomer Annie Jump Cannon and her colleagues, who developed Harvard's stellar classification scheme. » 4/28/14 10:57am 4/28/14 10:57am

Cosmos Explains Why Big Business Is Often the Foe of Science

This week's episode of Cosmos tackles the Rock of Ages, the age of rocks and getting the lead out of our commitment to the environment. The episode takes the form of a fable, a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting any institution, but most especially science, fall into the clutches of the Argument From… » 4/21/14 9:20am 4/21/14 9:20am

Cosmos Gets Small To Express Big Idea About How Science Can Save Us

The topic for this week's Cosmos is the little things in life, like cells, molecules, atoms and the universe. So hop on board the Ship of the Imagination and let's get small. » 4/14/14 9:20am 4/14/14 9:20am

Cosmos Explains Why Science Is "A Light In The Darkness"

The theme of this week's episode of Cosmos is illumination, both literal and metaphorical. Carl Sagan famously called science a "candle in the dark," illuminating the human mind with the knowledge imparted by evidence-based reasoning. » 4/07/14 9:15am 4/07/14 9:15am

In Cosmos, The Only Thing More Important Than Evidence Is Imagination

The universe, they say, isn't just stranger than we imagine. It's stranger than we can imagine. After three episodes focused on matters solar and mundane, from the evolution of life to the orbital dynamics of comets in our little flat circle of spacetime, episode four tackles the limits of cosmic reality far beyond… » 3/31/14 9:20am 3/31/14 9:20am