What is it like to hear color?

NPR is currently running a great radio piece on posthumanism featuring Neil Harbisson, an artist (and the world's first government-recognized cyborg) who was born color-blind but now "sees" color with an extrasensory device he wears on his head. You can listen to the NPR piece here, but Harbisson's TED Talk, above,… » 3/07/14 8:20am 3/07/14 8:20am

The first person in the world to become a government-recognized cyborg

Neil Harbisson is the first person on the planet to have a passport photo that shows his cyborg nature — in his UK passport, he's wearing a head-mounted device called an eyeborg. The color-blind artist says the eyeborg allows him to see color, and he wants to help other cyborgs like himself gain more rights. » 12/02/13 2:58pm 12/02/13 2:58pm