Director Neil Marshall goes from Game of Thrones to Constantine

Neil Marshall, the director that pulled off the most insane episode of Game Of Thrones, "Blackwater," and the best horror movie ever made, The Descent, will direct the pilot of the Constantine TV series. Could this show actually be good? » 1/31/14 11:00am 1/31/14 11:00am

"Doomsday" Gorehound Neil Marshall May Direct "Predators"

If they really have to do a new Predator movie, we're psyched to learn that the directing job may go to Neil Marshall, whose Doomsday was our favorite over-the-top, post-apocalyptic, head-chopping, eye-popping punk-rock cannibal movie of 2008. » 6/12/09 10:00am 6/12/09 10:00am

Dead Or Alive, All The Ladies Are Back In Descent 2

Neil Marshall's Descent 2 promises screen time for his original cast of adventurous women - even though most of them are dead. Empire Magazine reports that all of the original's spelunking women will return, in flashbacks or other scenes. And there's a new, spoiler-filled synopsis of Marshall's scary cave-exploring… » 6/16/08 8:40am 6/16/08 8:40am

Doomsday: Total Nonsense — But Awesome!

There are Serbian dog-food commercials that would have made more sense to me than Doomsday, the quarantined-country-reverts-to-barbarism epic that opens today. It starts out as an engaging action-horror blend with a nice touch of future dystopia (and huge servings of gore), and then slowly unravels until the ending is… » 3/14/08 2:54pm 3/14/08 2:54pm

Doomsday's Neil Marshall Explains Apocalypses Without Monsters

The Descent was one of our favorite horror movies of recent years, so we were automatically excited about director Neil Marshall's new movie, Doomsday. And that was before we found out Doomsday was going to be Mad to the Max. In Doomsday, the government walls off Scotland to contain a deadly plague... only to send a… » 3/10/08 12:07pm 3/10/08 12:07pm

Girl-On-Girl Swordfight In The Plague Lands

First director Neil Marshall had to go around telling everybody Doomsday isn't a zombie movie, and now after you watch this new clip, he'll have to explain it's not a swords-and-barbarians flick either. But judging from a slew of newly released stills from the quarantined-country movie, Doomsday doesn't have any… » 2/27/08 6:30am 2/27/08 6:30am

Chilean Zombies Stalk Death Squad Survivor

A young girl gets caught in the middle of a post-apocalyptic war in Descendants, a new movie from Chile. The only people who survive the military death squads are the ones infected with a weird disease that leaves sores all over their bodies. Descendants, also known as Solos, is sort of a zombie movie but it looks way… » 1/04/08 4:00pm 1/04/08 4:00pm