When Is It Okay (If Ever) To Fail the Bechdel Test?

Prompted by Charlie Jane Anders' discussion of the test today (as well as some of the reactions I've seen to it) I've given some thought to the Bechdel Test and whether it's ever okay for a story to fail it. There are a number of popular stories which do fail it - Pacific Rim, The Lord of the Rings, the original Star… »6/05/14 11:22am6/05/14 11:22am

Spooky Ghost Stories from Science Fiction

Last week, Fringe finally gave us the conclusion to a weird ghost story that's been simmering since last season. But Fringe isn't the only science fiction universe to dabble in ghosts — there have been hauntings and apparitions in Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars and countless other science fiction universes. »10/21/11 4:30pm10/21/11 4:30pm