How Nerd Rage Helps Make the World Better

Nerd rage gets a bum rap. People think that angry nerds are just freaking out about minor continuity mistakes, or taking stuff too seriously. But sometimes, geeks get mad for good reason, and when people assume nerd rage is trivial, it's part of an overall process of belittling geeks. » 9/06/11 1:45pm 9/06/11 1:45pm

"Mad Scientist Shooter" Amy Bishop Wrote Science Fiction

Previously, the media said D&D made biology professor Amy Bishop murder her colleagues. New nerd rage accusations focus on how Bishop - charged with capital murder after killing three colleagues - was an aspiring science fiction writer. » 2/18/10 7:30am 2/18/10 7:30am

Did Dungeons & Dragons Motivate Dr. Amy Bishop's Murder Spree?

On Friday, the University of Alabama at Huntsville suffered a horrific tragedy: Biology professor Amy Bishop shot five colleagues, killing three, over an alleged tenure dispute. One news outlet suggests it was a nerd rage crime, motivated by D&D. » 2/17/10 6:30am 2/17/10 6:30am