Drink with io9ers Tonight at Nerd Salon in San Francisco

Tonight in San Francisco the nerds can rejoice at Nerd Salon, an event where you can chat or flirt without fear about comic books, computers, bioengineering, and Battlestar Galactica. Convened by myself, and Electronic Frontier Foundation legal geek Jennifer Granick, Nerd Salon is a place where people will help you… »4/23/08 11:41am4/23/08 11:41am

Hang Out with io9ers at San Francisco's Nerd Salon 4/23

At random intervals, an event called Nerd Salon happens in San Francisco. People meet at a bar, drink, play with robots, and have a chance to solve a puzzle to win something cool (usually alcohol). It's organized by yours truly and Jennifer Granick, a kickass lawyer (and serious comic book geek) from the Electronic… »4/17/08 5:15pm4/17/08 5:15pm