Sure Your Job Sucks, But At Least Darth Vader's Not Your Boss

Poor Conan Antonio Motti. The guy speaks up at a work meeting, and all of a sudden Lord Vader is trying to put his lights out from across the room. But the worst part isn't the force-strangling or lack of faith. It's having to work alongside the jerk and pretend like nothing ever happened. » 7/19/14 1:42pm 7/19/14 1:42pm

The Nerdist's Zero Charisma movie may not be doing nerds any favors

The stereotype about role-players is they're overweight, still live with their parents, have no social skills, and take their fantasies far too seriously. So here's the trailer for Zero Charisma, which is about an overweight man who lives with his family, is completely devoid of social skills, and who takes… » 9/16/13 11:40am 9/16/13 11:40am

Nerdists search for lightsaber stolen from Star Wars charity event

The Course of the Force is a charity run that benefits the Make-a-Wish Foundation; the relay race begins at the Skywalker Ranch outside San Francisco and ends in San Diego, just in time for Comic Con. Alas, this year, the lightsaber used as the relay's baton has been stolen, but thank the maker Matt Mara, Chris… » 6/01/13 10:00am 6/01/13 10:00am

Amy Pond shills make-up for the living dead

What has been Karen Gillan doing since the Doctor Who season 6 finale, you ask? Well, depending on your point of view, she's either been hired as the spokemodel for the new zombie-targeted makeup line from Z'ombéal, or making a guest appearance for BBC's The Nerdist TV show to act in a sketch about spokesmodeling for… » 4/03/13 11:40am 4/03/13 11:40am