Hear David Tennant's Sinister Villain For The First Time In The New Jessica Jones Teaser

Netflix and Marvel have been releasing dribs and drabs of Jessica Jones teasers recently—everything from trippy imagery to bar brawls and smashed alarm clocks. But this latest teaser is the biggest yet: because it finally gives us a look at the show’s major villain, played by David Tennant. »10/08/15 11:12amToday 11:12am

See Jessica Jones Enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in This Free New Comic

In just over a month you’ll be able to binge Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix to your heart’s content—but do you want to get to know this new take on one of Marvel’s finest detectives right now? Well, Marvel have released a brand new digital comic that lets you do that, for free. »10/07/15 12:00pmYesterday 12:00pm

Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones, Marvel's Most Badass Detective

Just over a month from now, Marvel’s next TV show debuts, featuring Jessica Jones. But who is Jessica? She’s not as well known as Daredevil or the Agents of SHIELD, even though she spent some time as an Avenger in the comics. So here’s everything you need to know about Marvel’s most superheroic detective. »10/05/15 2:00pmMonday 2:00pm

Why You Should Be Incredibly Excited To Get More Black Mirror

Last week, Netflix revealed that Black Mirror, the dystopic British anthology series that takes a dark look at the future of technology, was coming to the streaming service with a whole new batch of episodes. We’re huge fans of the series already—but if you’re not, here’s just a few reasons why you should be. »10/01/15 2:25pm10/01/15 2:25pm

I Watched Netflix In VR and Now Reality Seems Hollow and Pointless

“IT’S FOR GAMES” has been the oft-quoted cry of VR headset makers and gamers when talking about virtual reality, but the opportunity for movies is unquestionably huge. Today, Oculus VR released a Netflix app for the Gear VR (and eventually Oculus’ own headset.) And it makes watching Netflix in real life seem super… »9/24/15 7:30pm9/24/15 7:30pm

Netflix Has Put Barry Sonnenfeld at the Helm of A Series of Unfortunate Events

It’s been ages since we heard about any forward motion on Netflix’s TV show version of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but now at least we know who will be in charge: Mark Hudis (showrunner of True Blood) will be the showrunner and Barry Sonnenfeld will direct. Both will be executive producers. »9/07/15 1:00pm9/07/15 1:00pm

The Real Reason Netflix Won't Offer Offline Downloads


Offline downloads are perhaps the most often requested, “holy grail” feature of TV and movie streaming services, and while Netflix may be the leading provider, it’s Amazon and its Prime Instant Video service that’s become the first to offer it. Netflix however remains firm in its stance that it’s not going to offer… »9/07/15 11:30am9/07/15 11:30am