Watch an obscure, behind-the-scenes documentary about The Empire Strikes Back

This here's Making Empire, a documentary that aired in 1980 to promote The Empire Strikes Back and was promptly consigned to the pop cultural dustbin. Which is an absolute pity, as this Dutch television special — the first 45 seconds of the YouTube video above are in Dutch, the rest is in English — features some… »10/18/12 8:35pm10/18/12 8:35pm

Drop everything and watch this short film about the Dutch robot wars

This is Tears of Steel, a crowdfunded short film that uses the open source 3D animation tool Blender to create some gobsmacking visuals of a futuristic Amsterdam overrun by mechanical beasts. The premise is also enjoyably zany to boot — Terminator as a relationship drama! Be sure to stick around after the credits,… »9/28/12 10:10am9/28/12 10:10am