Star Wars and Game of Thrones give Fantasy Flight Games license to ruleā€¦

Fly the Millenium Falcon. Undermine the Lannisters. Destroy the One Ring. Here's a look at the new Star Wars RPG, X-Wing miniatures game, the Game of Thrones card game, and other new releases from Fantasy Flight Games. » 9/06/12 12:40pm 9/06/12 12:40pm

The Quaint 1990s Cyberpunk Of Netrunner

In 1996, Cyberpunk freedom fighters were raiding evil corporate agendas and fighting brain-draining AIs. And although most of us had dial-up at the time, such intrigue was the daily operation for players of the collectible card game Netrunner. » 1/15/10 8:30am 1/15/10 8:30am