This Handy Infographic Tracks Sterling Archer's Sexual Encounters

Can't remember when Sterling Archer hooked up with that Brazilian au pair, or if he made accidental penis contact with Conway Stern? Even for a devoted Archer fan, it can be difficult keeping up with Sterling's sordid affairs. Now there's a handy infographic to help sort it all out. » 3/14/15 7:01pm 3/14/15 7:01pm

Scientists Watch How New Technologies Spread Among Wild Chimps

For the first time ever, scientists have witnessed the acquisition and spread of a new behavior — two new feeding methods — among wild chimpanzees. It's an 'extraordinarily rare' observation that points to the origins of social learning in both chimps and humans. » 10/01/14 12:40pm 10/01/14 12:40pm

A map of relationships between British citizens, measured in telephone…

A group of network analysts wondered whether national boundaries really reflect people's connections to each other. So they looked at links formed between people phoning each other in Great Britain, and discovered which regions really have the most in common. » 12/08/10 3:00pm 12/08/10 3:00pm