Unprecedented neutrino discovery is a "Nobel Prize in the making"

By drilling a 1.5 mile hole deep into an Antarctic glacier, physicists working at the IceCube South Pole Observatory have captured 28 extraterrestrial neutrinos — those mysterious and extremely powerful subatomic particles that can pass straight through solid matter. Welcome to an entirely new age of astronomy. » 11/22/13 12:45pm 11/22/13 12:45pm

What are neutrinos, and how do they come from beyond our solar system?

A couple months ago, scientists with IceCube, an Antarctica-based neutrino observatory, discovered two very high-energy neutrinos — named Bert and Ernie — that appeared to have originated from beyond our solar system. This is amazing news, and we talked to the researchers about what it means. » 6/14/13 11:37am 6/14/13 11:37am

It's official: Neutrinos can't go faster than the speed of light after…

Foolish humans. Such hubris to think that we could dethrone Einsteinian special relativity, by virtue of a single experiment. Now it's official: the notion that neutrinos could travel faster than the speed of light really was the result of a "faulty kit". » 6/08/12 5:00pm 6/08/12 5:00pm

Two leaders of "Faster-Than-Light" Neutrino Team Resign

On the morning of September 22, 2011, OPERA spokesperson Antonio Ereditato announced to the world that members of the OPERA experiment had observed neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. The next day, experimental coordinator Dario Autiero presented the team's findings at an internationally broadcasted… » 3/30/12 12:12pm 3/30/12 12:12pm

Faster than light neutrinos may have just been disproven

This could be it, folks. Last September, physicists watching neutrinos travel from the CERN laboratory in Switzerland to Italy's Gran Sasso laboratory announced that they had detected the subatomic particles making the trip 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light dictates is possible. Now, rumors are flying that… » 2/22/12 2:26pm 2/22/12 2:26pm

New data confirms: Neutrinos are still traveling faster than light

When physicists announced in September that they had observed neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light, the scientific community was justifiably skeptical. » 11/18/11 8:00am 11/18/11 8:00am

Neutrinos do something even stranger than breaking the speed of light

Amidst the dubious news of neutrinos potentially traveling faster than light, it's easy to lose sight of something even stranger: neutrinos are in a constant identity crisis, oscillating between different types. Why is this? In this week's "Ask a Physicist" we'll find out. » 11/16/11 9:00am 11/16/11 9:00am

Physicists to re-run the experiments that produced faster-than-light…

Results from independent cross-checks of last month's FTL neutrino findings wont start rolling in for at least a few more months. In the meantime, however, physicists at the OPERA lab who made the initial observations will be running their experiment yet again — only this time they'll be measuring things a little… » 10/28/11 1:37pm 10/28/11 1:37pm

Do faster than light neutrinos let you change the past?

There's been a lot of hubbub about the possibility of FTL neutrinos. But would breaking the light barrier really be such a big deal? Hell, yes, it would! In this week's "Ask a Physicist," we'll find out why. » 10/06/11 9:12am 10/06/11 9:12am

The problem is that for both of these things to be true, measurements of time and space are …

10 Things You Didn't Know About Light

A week ago, who among us would have guessed that light, the universe's ultimate speed demon, would be observed getting outpaced by a bunch of reckless neutrinos? Yes, these observations will obviously need to be checked and rechecked, but it just goes to show that you rarely know as much about something as you think… » 9/26/11 10:34am 9/26/11 10:34am

Ask a Physicist: Can I build a doomsday device using neutrinos?

In this week's "Ask a Physicist," I get counter-factual and imagine what would happen if we had perfect control over neutrinos. Would we build a death ray? Escape from an Inception dreamscape? Here's what would really happen - sort of. » 9/08/10 4:05pm 9/08/10 4:05pm