Ex Machina Proves Science Fiction Movies Can Be Smart AND Kick Your Ass

Ex Machina is one of the smartest, most thought-provoking science fiction movies in ages. And that probably conjures images of a slow, introspective Sundance-y film — but actually, Ex Machina moves at a ruthless pace, and kicks your ass up one all and down the other. Minor spoilers ahead... »4/10/15 12:00pm4/10/15 12:00pm

Rumor patrol: Is Eminem really playing Batman 3's Riddler? Plus Ridley Scott talks about the Alien prequel's big questions!

Ridley Scott will be digging deep into the nasty origins of the aliens for his prequel. Duncan Jones talks Source Code, director Mark Romanek explains why Never Let Me Go doesn't feel scifi, and some awesomely convoluted Transformers rumors. Spoilervana! »9/06/10 9:00am9/06/10 9:00am