Bad Television Gives You A Look At An Unsung Comics Classic

In this week's comics, Joss Whedon comes back to Buffy, there's a new spin on Aliens Vs. Predator, and Sulu gets back in the captain's chair. But most of all, there's a new chance to check out a comics classic. » 1/12/10 9:30am 1/12/10 9:30am

This Week's Comics Will Hex And Unleash Your True Potential

More dead are rising at DC, Marvel looks back at its long history, and it's left to the indies to offer up the most interesting books of the week. As ever, these are New Comics We Crave. » 8/18/09 9:00am 8/18/09 9:00am

This Week's Comics May Leave You Starstuck With Choice

Whether it's superspies, superzombies or relaunched superfranchises, there's a cornucopia of delights awaiting you at the comic store this week. And, if you're not into super-anythings, then there're still some books for you to consider, as well. Crave these comics. » 8/11/09 9:00am 8/11/09 9:00am

What's Worse: A Superhero Gone Bad, Or A Killer Robot Who Won't Kill?

If it's not one superhero going wrong, it's another - Or, at least, that's the take-away from this week's two competing "dark side of superheroics" books. Plus, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator... and gorillas going up against the Green Goblin. » 8/04/09 9:00am 8/04/09 9:00am

Two Of The Year's Best Comics Dominate This Quiet Week

It's finally happened: San Diego Comic-Con has broken comics. How else to explain the slim pickings of this week's shipping list? But that actually makes your life easier, because there're two books this week that you simply can't live without. » 7/28/09 9:00am 7/28/09 9:00am

Movies And Spider-Man Fare Well In This Week's Comics

It's the week of San Diego, which can only mean one thing, right? All manner of new projects to premiere at the con! Surprisingly... not. But don't worry - that doesn't mean it's an entirely dull week at the store. » 7/21/09 9:00am 7/21/09 9:00am

Classic Science Heroes And Undead Superheroes Clash For Your Cash

With so many new releases, you'd be forgiven for thinking that San Diego was this week... But, instead, just start worrying that it means that even more is headed your way in time for next week's sun-drenched shenanigans. » 7/14/09 9:00am 7/14/09 9:00am

DC's Superheroes Get Oversized, Anthologized

With new releases this week including alternate-universe Star Treks, the end of Superman's career and Obama fighting zombies and aliens, it's a packed week. But, really? Our attention is focused on the debut of the oversized weekly anthology Wednesday Comics. » 7/07/09 9:00am 7/07/09 9:00am

Divas, Alien Invasions And America Reborn In This Week's Comics

After the busy-ness of the last few weeks, it's not too surprising that this week's raft of new releases hitting your local comic store is much smaller than usual. But with new Star Wars and Reborn, it's not less interesting. » 6/30/09 9:00am 6/30/09 9:00am

Something For Everyone In This Week's Comics

Hope you've been saving up your pennies recently, because this week's comics are full of new treats for you to savor, whether they're Gotham Girls, deadly alien Predators, or Barack Obama in a loincloth. Okay, maybe not that last one. » 6/23/09 9:00am 6/23/09 9:00am

This Week's Comics: Runaways, Dead Batmen And Khaaaaaaaaan!

Evil wins, superheroes go bad, sidekicks go solo, time gets reset and Buck Rogers makes his comeback. Oh, and there's a Wrath of Khan comic. Is there nothing that this week's comics won't do to try and make you happy? » 6/09/09 9:00am 6/09/09 9:00am

Sink Your Teeth Into A Fine Selection Of This Week's Comics

Hope you've got a healthy appetite when you hit the comic store tomorrow, because with comics about teen vampires, werewolves on the moon and culinary detectives, there's a lot to chew on in this week's comics. Plus new Batman. » 6/02/09 9:00am 6/02/09 9:00am

Underage Heroes And Troubled Times In This Week's Comics

Wondering where to get your fix of teens in tights? Look no further than your local comic store — but don't worry, there are tales of future utopias, dystopias and older superheroes awaiting you, as well. » 5/27/09 9:00am 5/27/09 9:00am

Dueling Draculas and Heroes Revealed In This Week's Comics

Alien invasions, competing vampires and robots that are more than meets the eye are all populating the comics that'll be making their way to your local shelves tomorrow. What else do you need to know? » 5/19/09 9:00am 5/19/09 9:00am

Teleporting Dogs And Dying Detectives In This Week's Comics

Whether you like robotic children, superheroic animals or dying detectives about to go all Fringe on you, there's something in this week's comics for you. Here's hoping you can afford it all. » 5/12/09 9:00am 5/12/09 9:00am

Cinema's Most Famous Bad Movie Returns In This Week's Comics

It looked like a quiet week in the world of comics following last weekend's Free Comics extravaganza - but then I saw the following words and knew differently: Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again. » 5/05/09 9:00am 5/05/09 9:00am

Aliens Invade And Retreat In This Week's Comics

While many comic book publishers are holding off on big releases in favor of this Saturday's Free Comic Book Day, at least one book hitting stores tomorrow is ideal material for all you io9 readers. » 4/28/09 9:00am 4/28/09 9:00am

The Future Is Here - And So Is Comics' Most Annoying Cajun

It's a sad week for comics this week; a week I'd hoped would never come: The first appearances of annoying X-Men Gambit are being collected to tie in with his upcoming movie debut. I'm sorry. » 4/21/09 9:00am 4/21/09 9:00am

Demand 100% From Your Comics This Week

Never mind new issues, this week's new releases is all about the collections of some great - and some less than great - runs of favorite comics. Oh, and the return of Dazzler, as well. » 4/14/09 9:00am 4/14/09 9:00am

Marvel, Steampunk And Misfits Rule This Week's Comics

After weeks of taking it relatively easy, there's only one way to look at this week's new releases: Marvel are back to wanting all of your money. But steampunk and weird goodness are available elsewhere. » 4/07/09 9:00am 4/07/09 9:00am