The "Poker-Faced Schoolgirl" Who Killed Her Mother and Blamed Her Boyfriend

To outsiders, 17-year-old Gladys MacKnight seemed an unlikely killer, as did her boyfriend, 18-year-old Donald Wightman. But to those who knew the high school sweethearts, the death of Gladys’ mother, Helen, wasn’t entirely shocking. (Though being hacked to death in one’s own kitchen certainly is.) »10/27/15 5:20pm10/27/15 5:20pm


New Jersey Game Store Swatting Takes An Uglier Turn

Gamers attending a monthly social gathering at Digital Press Video Games in Clifton, New Jersey Saturday evening had no idea the sudden massive police presence outside the store was pointed their way, until a caller posing as a fire department representative started giving them questionable instructions. »3/29/15 2:46pm3/29/15 2:46pm

Behold the water slide so dangerous it was shut down immediately

From 1978 to 1996, the Action Park of Vernon Township, New Jersey provided thousands of teenagers with the white-knuckle thrills only inattentive employees and poorly conceived amusement park rides can deliver. The Park's dubiously safe rides were responsible for countless scrapes and bruises and at least six… »4/23/12 11:40am4/23/12 11:40am