The Infamous Atari Landfill Dig Is Finally Happening

Come April 26, 2014, one of gaming's greatest mysteries will finally be solved. Or maybe it will just be get even more convoluted and confusing. In either case, that is the official date Microsoft just announced for when someone is finally going to break ground on the infamous New Mexico landfill that's allegedly… » 4/10/14 12:45pm 4/10/14 12:45pm

Someone's Going to Dig Up Atari's Infamous New Mexico Landfill

Alamogordo's city council has granted an excavation permit for the infamous landfill said to hold thousands of copies of E.T. and Pac-Man for the Atari 2600—two titles blamed for the mid-1980s crash of console gaming—and yes, the permit-holder is digging out the site specifically to find those games' remains. » 6/02/13 10:23am 6/02/13 10:23am

These vintage postcards would nowadays pass for threats by mail

The postcard today is primarily an atavistic vacation novelty, but prior generations used these paper rectangles to convey a whole host of emotions. » 6/26/12 4:30pm 6/26/12 4:30pm

I like the passive-aggressive implications of this early 1900s card, namely that you were stoned as shit when you sent it. Who told what so? The bear? Is the bear…

In 1995, New Mexico voted on a bill requiring psychologists to dress as wizards

In 1995, New Mexico state senator Duncan Scott was getting aggravated by the number of psychologists and psychiatrists being used as expert witnesses in legal trials. To protest this perceived overuse of psychiatric professionals, Scott tacked the following protest amendment onto a bill: » 2/06/12 9:55am 2/06/12 9:55am