Nearly 200 Years Ago, Awful Crimes Were Committed In This Lovely House

New Orleans visitors interested in macabre history are required to pass by the LaLaurie Mansion, located at 1140 Royal Street. Its genteel exterior masks its horrifying history, revealed 181 years ago today when a fateful fire broke out and the secrets within its walls were unleashed. »4/10/15 8:00pm4/10/15 8:00pm


The New Orleans Saints hired a Voodoo priestess to fight a ghostly football curse

Today, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots battle for football supremacy, while fans sit at home with their lucky jerseys and their game day rituals. But some teams need a bit more mystical help than others. In 2000, the New Orleans Saints called in the big guns to combat the ghostly curse on their… »2/05/12 2:00pm2/05/12 2:00pm

A City Prepared for Disaster Is a City that Looks to the Future

Click to view »9/02/08 10:00am9/02/08 10:00am Back in May, that the rebuilt levees in New Orleans were still leaking, despite the fact that storm season had nearly arrived. One example of a leaker was this one, a levee along the Industrial Canal that was patched up for nearly $22 million and barely managed to hold back the waters whipped up by…

A Utopian Future for the New Orleans Riverfront in 200 Years

The brainfarm over at Sentient Developments calls our attention to the concept designs of Adam Benton, who has worked on Stargate among other things. Here you see a sumptuous illustration of a forested world dotted with space ports. When I imagine a Utopian future for New Orleans, this is what I see: a beautiful,… »12/24/07 3:00pm12/24/07 3:00pm