Write a Science Fiction Story for New Scientist's Flash Fiction Contest!

New Scientist is one of the best science magazines in the solar system, partly because its staff is packed with science fiction fans. That's why they're running a 'flash fiction' contest, where you submit your SF story about life 100 years from now - in 350 words or less. The panel of judges includes author Stephen… » 9/18/09 1:22pm 9/18/09 1:22pm

Scientists Pick The Greatest Books And Movies Of All Time

At last, the most important works of science fiction are being determined scientifically. New Scientist » 10/01/08 2:20pm 10/01/08 2:20pm magazine is doing a special science fiction issue on Nov. 15, and the magazine is polling its science-boffin readers as to the greatest books and movies in the genre. The magazine's own staff have already voted, and…

Tuguska Explosion: 100 Years Later, Still Unsolved

One hundred years ago today, June 30th, 1908, a great explosion rained Hell over Siberia, flattening 830 square miles of forest. Easily big enough to destroy a city, the 30-meter diameter space rock missed Moscow by about 4 hours. And it will happen again. But even as we track the objects headed our way in the next… » 6/30/08 2:00pm 6/30/08 2:00pm