The Plan to Build a Mega-Manhattan That Failed, Thank God

A Really Greater New York. That was the title of the 1911 proposal by an engineer and planner who imagined paving over massive amounts of New York Harbor to make room to build the New York of the future. Oh, you like the East River and would miss it? Too damn bad! » 1/08/15 3:13pm 1/08/15 3:13pm

Woman's Decomposing Corpse Found Chilling In Family Home a Year Later

Here's some A Rose for Emily shit for your Wednesday: Police in Gloversville, New York, found something horrifying while doing a routine welfare check on a 94-year-old-woman—her rotting corpse, likely decomposing for more than a year. And there's a twist. » 1/07/15 1:24pm 1/07/15 1:24pm

The Manhattan Apartment Farthest From Any Subway Costs $18.9-Million

How far do New Yorkers walk to get to their nearest subway station? Ben Wellington calculated the distance from each of Manhattan's station entrances to every one of the borough's residential buildings, and found the Manhattan address with the longest subway-schlep of all. » 10/09/14 11:46am 10/09/14 11:46am

How NYC Would Respond to an Actual Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Attack

It's been 30 years since the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man first squished through Manhattan. With Ghostbusters returning to theaters tomorrow for an anniversary run, we thought it appropriate to consider a very serious question: How would New York City actually fight an evil god in the form of a marshmallow man?… » 8/28/14 1:19pm 8/28/14 1:19pm

Why did this non-existent town show up on maps of New York?

Up until the 1990s, many maps of New York situated the tiny town of Agloe just north of Roscoe in the Catskill Mountains. The problem? Agloe, New York, was almost entirely fictitious, although it briefly existed on paper. » 2/12/14 10:20am 2/12/14 10:20am

How to Traverse an Urban Snowscape

Winter storms continued to slam the Northeast today. Meanwhile, a record setting "polar vortex" embarked on its frigid march through the Midwestern United States. This photo, taken by AP photographer John Michillo on Friday, shows one enterprising New Yorker making the best of the year's first major snowpocalypse. » 1/05/14 5:00pm 1/05/14 5:00pm

This Town Wants to Warn You About Its People-Eating Vortex

For decades, a small city in New York has been the subject of some very bizarre rumors. Locals have long whispered that if you visit at just the right time, a certain area in their neighborhood park will disappear you into thin air. Now the town has officially acknowledged the strange anomaly. » 11/03/13 4:40pm 11/03/13 4:40pm

Compare 1836 and modern-day New York with this interactive map

Travel back in time with this interactive map of New York, which lets you take a spyglass to any part of the city and uncover what that circle of space looked like in 1836. » 9/07/13 9:30am 9/07/13 9:30am

Asimov's 2014 Predictions Were Shockingly Conservative For 1964

In 1964, sci-fi legend Isaac Asimov penned a piece for the New York Times with his predictions for the world of 2014. Looking at the World's Fair of 50 years hence, Asimov imagined 3D TV, underground cities, and colonies on the moon. Many people online have hailed this as an incredible example of prescient thinking,… » 8/29/13 4:32pm 8/29/13 4:32pm

Here's what New York City looked like before "sanitation engineering"

In the nineteenth century, New York City was full of trash. You can see what that meant in this horrific image of a dead horse rotting in the street where kids were playing. But then there was a revolution that transformed New York into an experiment in urban trash planning. » 6/25/13 2:19pm 6/25/13 2:19pm

These Photos Of NYC's Subway Project Are Astonishing

New York City is doing some serious work on the Second Avenue Subway, the first new line built under the city since 1932. The $4.5 billion project aims to decrease commuter congestion for east Manhattan. Check out these pictures. They are incredible. » 6/16/13 3:18pm 6/16/13 3:18pm

An interactive map of what New Yorkers complain about, by borough

If somebody went and made kvetching an organized sport, New Yorkers would no doubt be among the game's most preternaturally gifted bellyachers. But what, exactly, would they complain about? » 2/04/13 4:30pm 2/04/13 4:30pm

Watch an amazing time lapse movie of Central Park changing color with…

This video is a bit slow to start, but those who hold out for the 30-second mark will be richly rewarded. What an absolutely stunning use of the timelapse medium. Filmmaker Jamie Scott describes his process: » 11/28/12 12:20pm 11/28/12 12:20pm

This dude recreated a scale model of New York City. With LEGO.

3d artist and motion designer JR Schmidt wins some serious points on detail for using maps, satellite data, and images like the one below to "set the elevation and color of the blocks" comprising his (digitally rendered) LEGO-fied New York City. Someone needs to bring this project to fruition. It would easily be some… » 11/15/12 10:40am 11/15/12 10:40am

This was the first time New York was destroyed on film

1933 was a strange year for New York on film. When a giant ape wasn't climbing the Empire State Building in King Kong, a massive earthquake was shaking the city's skyscrapers to the ground in Deluge. Watch how New York City met its doom long before Roland Emmerich knocked down his first Lincoln Log cabin. » 9/10/12 4:00pm 9/10/12 4:00pm

NYC Dept of Education wants to ban the word "dinosaur" from…

Their justification? The word "dinosaur" calls to mind other no-no words, like "evolution" (also on the proposed list of forbidden words), which could offend test-takers who might not necessarily believe in evolution. Or... dinosaurs? » 3/27/12 11:59am 3/27/12 11:59am

What if America had conquered London?

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the US decides to turn the tables on Mother England and turn its former motherland into a conquered territory. The American conquerors quickly get to work, importing architects and sculptors who make the city of London look just like New York. » 2/10/12 1:00pm 2/10/12 1:00pm

Post-apocalyptic web series will film in New York's real abandoned…

When modern buildings are left to fall apart, they can leave you with the feeling that the world has already ended, and you're staring at the ruins of our own civilization. The filmmakers behind the web series The Silent City have decided to capitalize on that eerie sensation, filming in abandoned locations… » 1/14/12 1:30pm 1/14/12 1:30pm

Sunken treasure lies hidden at the bottom of New York Harbor

Going through old links this morning, I found a story originally published in New York Magazine back in 2009 about the waters of New York City-a maritime metropolis that, many forget, is also an archipelago. » 1/14/12 1:00pm 1/14/12 1:00pm

10 Ways 9/11 Changed the Way We Build

Ten years ago today, Chicago developer J. Paul Beitler — who once aspired to build the world's tallest building — told The Chicago Tribune that governments would cease to approve plans for skyscrapers, for fear that they would become "magnets for future terrorism." » 9/12/11 10:13am 9/12/11 10:13am