A Drone Just Shot the Most Beautiful Footage of New York City

More proof that we are living in a future no one could have seen decades ago: this footage of all five New York City boroughs was shot with a drone. Not only is the final product breathtaking, so is the fact the high quality of the footage and the precision flying involved in getting the footage. » 1/05/15 11:00pm 1/05/15 11:00pm

This Clothing Store Features an 18th Century Haunted Well

A New York City outpost of clothing store COS has a 200-year-old well tucked into its men's department. The structure is a remnant of the building's 18th-century past ... and it's where a woman's strangled body was discovered in 1799. » 1/05/15 10:30am 1/05/15 10:30am

Insects In New York City Eat An Astounding Amount of Our Food Waste

A new study examines how various insects act as tiny trash disposals in New York City's public spaces. Incredibly, these bugs eat thousands of kilograms of our waste each year. » 12/03/14 2:30pm 12/03/14 2:30pm

A New Frog Species Has Been Discovered ... In New York City

Introducing Rana kauffeldi, the first amphibian to be discovered in New York since the Fowler's toad in 1882. Crazily enough, the elusive 'cryptic' leopard frog has gone unnoticed elsewhere; the darned thing is widespread along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. » 10/30/14 2:20pm 10/30/14 2:20pm

How NYC Would Respond to an Actual Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Attack

It's been 30 years since the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man first squished through Manhattan. With Ghostbusters returning to theaters tomorrow for an anniversary run, we thought it appropriate to consider a very serious question: How would New York City actually fight an evil god in the form of a marshmallow man?… » 8/28/14 1:19pm 8/28/14 1:19pm

Inside the Giant Data Center Hidden In the Middle of Manhattan

Between 1928 and 1932, two Art Deco skyscrapers were built in Lower Manhattan to house the telecommunications infrastructure for Western Union and AT&T. Almost 100 years later, the towers are still fulfilling their original intentions as data centers for Telx, an internet services company. » 6/27/14 3:00am 6/27/14 3:00am

Manhattan Might Be Underwater Sooner Than We Expected

Maximum water levels in New York harbor during major storms have risen by nearly two-and-a-half feet since the mid-19th century. That means the chances of water spilling over the Manhattan seawall are at least 20 times greater than they were 170 years ago. » 4/23/14 8:00pm 4/23/14 8:00pm

Spider-Man's made his plans for New Year's Eve, as he'll be webslinging his way across NYC's Times Square to participate in the annual ball drop to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Expect an exclusive clip to premiere on Times Square's many screens, possibly a bit of stunt work, and a shit-ton of bad jokes based… » 12/09/13 12:30pm 12/09/13 12:30pm

This map of gender segregation shows how New Yorkers live and die

In New York City, genders are unevenly mixed. As men and women age, they pour into and out of neighborhoods, pooling, dispersing and redistributing across the five boroughs in a mesmerizing demographic dance that datavisualization expert John Nelson calls "gender flow." In his latest visualization, he charts this… » 10/16/13 12:05pm 10/16/13 12:05pm

What would NYC look like in the Grand Canyon, or Death Valley?

We've seen how New York City might appear were it suddenly transported to another planet, but what would, say, Manhattan look like if it were transplanted somewhere else right here on Earth – Death Valley, for instance, or the Grand Canyon? Well... it would look something like this. » 7/17/13 12:00pm 7/17/13 12:00pm

What if New York City was transported to another planet?

Illustrator Nickolay Lamm, along with astrobiologist Marilyn Vogel, have transplanted New York City to the various surfaces — and atmospheres — of our solar system's planets. » 5/15/13 7:40am 5/15/13 7:40am

An interactive map of what New Yorkers complain about, by borough

If somebody went and made kvetching an organized sport, New Yorkers would no doubt be among the game's most preternaturally gifted bellyachers. But what, exactly, would they complain about? » 2/04/13 4:30pm 2/04/13 4:30pm

Watch an amazing time lapse movie of Central Park changing color with…

This video is a bit slow to start, but those who hold out for the 30-second mark will be richly rewarded. What an absolutely stunning use of the timelapse medium. Filmmaker Jamie Scott describes his process: » 11/28/12 12:20pm 11/28/12 12:20pm

This dude recreated a scale model of New York City. With LEGO.

3d artist and motion designer JR Schmidt wins some serious points on detail for using maps, satellite data, and images like the one below to "set the elevation and color of the blocks" comprising his (digitally rendered) LEGO-fied New York City. Someone needs to bring this project to fruition. It would easily be some… » 11/15/12 10:40am 11/15/12 10:40am

Welcome to New York 2023, where every surface is a DNA scanner

Here's Plurality, director Dennis Liu's 14-minute concept piece about a futuristic New York where every handrail and wall can read your genetic material, rendering credit cards and keys contrivances of the past. This newfangled Bentham Grid also has a side that makes civil libertarians cringe — namely that law… » 10/03/12 6:40am 10/03/12 6:40am

And now, the Statue of Liberty melting for no reason whatsoever

We've seen the Statue of Liberty kick the bucket in a litany of ways, but never like this. Just for kicks, Vincent Ullmann has created this short animation of the Statue disintegrating like it was made of moldy yogurt. The French never told us about the skeleton underneath, we suppose. » 8/03/12 8:35am 8/03/12 8:35am

Newly discovered species of frog has been hiding in NYC for years

One of the most exciting things about genetic research is how much it has taught us about the diversity of life on Earth. Case in point: the as-yet-unnamed frog species pictured here. It looks so much like New York City's other leopard frogs that scientists overlooked it for years, but by examining its DNA,… » 3/15/12 9:40am 3/15/12 9:40am

Watch David Lynch's amazingly creepy 1991 PSA about New York's rat…

Not all of David Lynch's commercials had the caffeinated zest of his Japanese Twin Peaks coffee ads. In 1991, he collaborated with Eraserhead's director of photography Frederick Elmes on this borderline apocalyptic anti-littering PSA for New York City. You can find much more of Lynch's curious commerical work at … » 3/13/12 12:30pm 3/13/12 12:30pm

New York City's new subway line looks like the set of Alien

New York City's Second Avenue Subway isn't scheduled to open until 2016, but the Metropolitan Transit Authority has just released photos of the construction in progress. That's a picture of a massive hole — inside which you could host an entire demolition derby — somewhere under 72nd Street. Mind-blowing. Hat tip to… » 2/27/12 4:10pm 2/27/12 4:10pm

A 1969 plan to build a second, nuke-proof Manhattan below New York City

Every now and again we encounter a retrofuturistic urban planning proposal that is equal parts whimsical and hilarious, such as the proposed million-person city spanning from New York to San Francisco. Here's something that eclipses that design in terms of comic impracticality. Behold Oscar Newman's 1969 plan to… » 12/20/11 12:25pm 12/20/11 12:25pm