How the Heck Will the Machine Gang Get Numbers in Person of Interest Season 5?

Person of Interest season four ended in a very dark place. And it’s also an ending that seems to obliterated the show’s format, going forward. How do our heroes find out the Social Security Number of this week’s “Person of Interest” in this dire situation? We asked the show’s cast and producers. »10/14/15 4:40pm10/14/15 4:40pm

Just How Much of The Magicians' Insane Darkness Can Syfy Put on TV? Absolutely All of It.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman features some incredibly adult material and some seriously dark events, along with a somewhat unlikable main character. How much of this can they actually include on the TV show? All of it, insist the show’s producers and cast. We talked to them at New York Comic-Con, and here’s what they… »10/14/15 4:30pm10/14/15 4:30pm

USA Killed It with Mr. Robot—They Might with Dystopian Drama Colony, Too

Mr. Robot is a dark show kinda uncharacteristic for USA. After all, it’s same network that brought us breezy comedy-mysteries like Monk and Psych. Which were great! But Colony, the decades-old channel’s upcoming series, could continue down USA’s new path of somewhat twisted genre TV. I watched the pilot and it’s… »10/10/15 10:05am10/10/15 10:05am

Here's What We Just Learned About Mr. Robot Season 2

So far, New York Comic Con has been a glorious amalgam of my favorite things: Pokémon cosplayers, convention center pretzels, unbridled fandom, and Mr. Robot. The techno thriller’s cast and creator took to the stage for a panel Friday afternoon, where we learned season two will be super dark, so BE READY FOR SEASON 1… »10/09/15 8:25pm10/09/15 8:25pm

How New York Comic Con has shown us a wonderful future for Comics

You hear it about Comic Cons every year - "It's not about the comics any more". Sure, the rise of alternate media at Comic Cons is a big thing, and NYCC 2014 was no exception - but this year more than ever recently, it also feels like it was about looking ahead to the bright future for the Comics industry and its fans. »10/13/14 3:38pm10/13/14 3:38pm

An Open Letter to New York Comic-Con: Protect Our Secret Identities!

Last weekend at New York Comic-Con, a lot of attendees found themselves tweeting ecstatically about the convention — without having written those tweets, because NYCC had hijacked people's social media accounts that were linked to their badges. In this open letter, the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains why… »10/15/13 3:16pm10/15/13 3:16pm