Comics Experts Ask: Is Superman Jewish or What?

On paper, the NYCC panel was called "Jews and Comics: A Cottage Industry." After an hour or so of lively discussion, though, a better one might have been "Superman: So is he Jewish or What?" » 2/12/09 1:30pm 2/12/09 1:30pm

Scariest Lost Character Reappears In The Castaways' Lives

The most frightening character from ABC's Lost is coming back. Creepier than the smoke monster, this evil face haunted our nightmares for days and after it showed up on screen, now it's here again. » 2/09/09 7:00am 2/09/09 7:00am

Marvel Promises Star-Spanning Battle, And Superpowered Daddy Issues, In…

Marvel is bringing star-smashing space-opera back with the War Of Kings event, hitting comics and the Internet, the company announced at New York Comic Con. Also coming: Norman Osborne's Dark Reign and an X-Men reboot. » 2/06/09 3:50pm 2/06/09 3:50pm

The Ten Most Expensive Comic Books at New York Comic Con

If our list of the ten most expensive comic books at the New York Comic Con is any indication, the high-end comic book market hasn't yet experienced any fallout from the Financiapocalypse. » 2/06/09 2:53pm 2/06/09 2:53pm

Donnie Darko Trades Jake Gyllenhaal For Sexy Mer-Sisters

Art from the new Donnie Darko sequel (titled S. Darko) is being time-warped into our faces here at NYCC. The next film follows Donnie's sister. (Remember her on the trampoline, with the sparkle motion?) » 2/06/09 9:38am 2/06/09 9:38am

New York Comic Con Day One: The Blue Upskirts Begin

It's early in the AM and we're catching giant blue Faker upskirts, cute geek girls are wearing "talk nerdy to me" signs, and we've just spotted out first cosplayer - it's Comic Con time. » 2/06/09 7:00am 2/06/09 7:00am

First Look At Bruce Willis Robotic Surrogate Teaser Poster

New York Comic Con is mere hours away, and already readers are sending us spy photos from inside. Check out this ad for the evil avatar company Virtual Self, from the new movie Surrogates. » 2/05/09 3:06pm 2/05/09 3:06pm