Guy who thinks all lit fiction is superior to genre obviously hasn't read much lit fic

I promised myself I wasn't going to respond to literary provocateurs any more - you know, the sort of blowhard who decides to get some undeserved attention by firing a potshot across the bow of genre fiction. Usually these potshots are made up of ill-formed generalizations and largely unexamined assumptions. »10/30/12 4:08pm10/30/12 4:08pm

New Yorker's science fiction issue features a Jennifer Egan story made up of Tweets

The New Yorker's first ever science fiction issue comes out May 29, and it includes a new story by Jennifer Egan, author of the award-winning A Visit from the Goon Squad. But if you can't wait until Tuesday, you'll be able to read Egan's story on Twitter, starting tonight, via @NYerFiction. A new 140-character extract… »5/24/12 3:40pm5/24/12 3:40pm