Black Market Body-Switching Tech from New Zealand

You know how time travel flicks can get really, really weird if they're done right? Nothing is weirder than Event 16, a movie about what's happening in Wellington today, tomorrow, and yesterday. » 3/23/09 10:28pm 3/23/09 10:28pm

Vegan Horror, Sheep Punching, and a Lot of Fart Jokes

If you haven't seen the ultimate New Zealand scifi mutant horror flick Black Sheep, then you are missing out on what is finest in life. Genetic experimentation on a remote farm leads to weresheep! » 3/10/09 7:50pm 3/10/09 7:50pm

Film Noir from a Future Without Femmes Fatales

In the short movie "Planet Man," every woman has suddenly disappeared from Earth. Our hapless protagonist whirls through a retro-noir city in New Zealand, filled with gender angst. » 2/26/09 12:02am 2/26/09 12:02am

Vampire Crime in an Alternate 1960s with Zeppelins and Steam Cars

One of the weirdest vampire movies I've ever seen is the New Zealand cult indie, Perfect Creature. Vampires are genetically-engineered holy ninjas called "the brothers" in an alternate 1960s packed with gorgeous steampunk detail. » 2/19/09 1:54am 2/19/09 1:54am