Fantastic Concept Art from the Pixar Film That Never Happened, Newt

Yesterday, we were thrilled to see some concept art for Pixar's next few movies, including The Good Dinosaur. Here's some concept art that's equally lovely, but might make you sadder. It comes from Newt, a movie that Pixar almost put out in the summer of 2011 — but it was cancelled due to perceived similarities to Rio »1/03/13 7:38pm1/03/13 7:38pm


The Cutest Science Fiction Sidekicks, And Why They Fail

All sidekicks must have certain key lovable qualities, or else they lose that sparkle that makes them so endearing. But sometimes the cute-overload factor goes too far and a gag reflex kicks in, making people want to destroy that character. Compiled after the jump is a list of the most adorable sidekicks in science… »5/02/08 6:46pm5/02/08 6:46pm

Species Extinction Goes Cutesy in New 3D Pixar Flick "Newt"

What is it with Pixar and its cutsey-poo apocalypse movies? In a big announcement yesterday about upcoming Pixar offerings, the studio discussed Newt, the wacky little "mad about you" tale of how the last two blue-footed newts on the planet don't get along — but will have to breed to reboot their species. The two are… »4/09/08 3:23pm4/09/08 3:23pm