Nic Cage, God of Acting

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance comes out this weekend — which means we have a chance to pay tribute to one of the all-time great cult-movie method actors. Nicolas Cage has gone from serious Academy Award-winning actor to bee-eating B-movie wizard. » 2/14/12 2:12pm 2/14/12 2:12pm

Are We Living Inside A Giant Hologram?

The so-called "real" world isn't as real as you'd imagined. When scientists look into the fabric of space-time beyond a certain depth, it starts to lose resolution. Almost like it's made of... pixels. » 1/17/09 1:00pm 1/17/09 1:00pm

Greatest Car Chases In Science Fiction (Part 2)

Milla Jovovich's weird strappy leotard and crazy talk beguile Bruce Willis into helping her jet away from the cops in his flying taxi. He swerves through CGI tunnels at a breakneck pace. It's another one of the greatest car chases in science fiction, according to us as well as you, the readers. Click through for more… » 1/23/08 11:23am 1/23/08 11:23am