NFL Player Announces "Hogwarts" as Alma Mater

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, a Carolina Panthers player declared his alma mater to be "Hogwarts" in the opening minutes of Sunday Night Football. I was so certain of what I thought I'd just heard but was still incredulous b/c I wasn't paying enough attention to the screen to see the guy hamming it up in… »12/10/13 2:26pm12/10/13 2:26pm

Ex-NFL Linebacker Spearheads Intergalactic Sports Program

Remember Space Jam »10/21/08 8:30pm10/21/08 8:30pm, that 1996 movie where Michael Jordan gives a b-ball assist to a gaggle of Looney Tunes characters who’re harassed by evil aliens—as captured in half live action/half animation? Now has arrived that former NFL linebacker Ken Harvey, formerly of the Phoenix Cardinals and Washington Redskins, wants…