8 of the Weirdest Predictions for the End of the World

We know that the world isn't going to end on the 21st of December (or at least isn't more likely to end then than any other day), but it's always nice to remember that there's a firm precedent for the world not ending on schedule. It didn't end in 1844, when William Miller and Samuel S. Snow convinced the Millerites… »12/09/12 10:00am12/09/12 10:00am


2012 Hysteria Driving Teens To Consider Suicide?

Top scientists are stepping forward to dispel rumors that the world is ending in 2012, combating a wave of Internet hysteria that coincides with the marketing frenzy for Roland Emmerich's rivers-of-schlock masterpiece 2012. One NASA scientist with a prominent website, David Morrison, says he used to get a question a… »10/20/09 12:30pm10/20/09 12:30pm