A Whole Bunch Of Free Science Fiction And Fantasy To Download Right Now

If you're looking for something fun to put on your Kindle or other e-reading device, Tor.com has just published their annual collection of some of their best stories. You can read them all for free on the web, sure, but now they're in a handy free ebook. » 1/06/15 2:30pm 1/06/15 2:30pm

Nicola Griffith Explains Why You Shouldn't Fear Writing Sex Or Violence

We love Nicola Griffith's writing for its intensity, but also for its realism. And talking to Locus, she explains why she thinks it's important to include real sexuality as well as real violence in her books. » 9/15/14 8:00pm 9/15/14 8:00pm

Nicola Griffith's New Short Story "Cold Wind" Will Knock You Out

The new story by Nicola Griffith (Hild) gets off to a slow start — but by the end, you'll be swept along by the strange exhilaration. In a lesbian bar, an old, feral presence lays in wait... but is Griffith's main character looking for a lover, or a victim? » 4/24/14 3:40pm 4/24/14 3:40pm

Hild and the triumph of the skeptical fantasy novel

Nicola Griffith's latest book Hild has all the ingredients of a fantasy novel, including a medieval setting and a main character with powers that seem supernatural. And yet it's also a brilliantly-researched work of historical fiction. Call it skeptical fantasy, or an epic that treats magic as politically-charged… » 1/20/14 5:05pm 1/20/14 5:05pm

The Most Mind-Expanding Lesbian Science Fiction Books

Nicola Griffith wrote the classic novels Ammonite and Slow River, so she's uniquely qualified to weigh in on lesbian-themed science fiction books. Someone asked her for some recommendations on her blog, and her list is well worth checking out. » 3/18/13 11:52am 3/18/13 11:52am

How do you update science fiction stories that were written in the…

When reprinting visions of the future (or the futuristic present) published in the 1990s, how do you update them? So much has changed, in technology as well as society. Ammonite author Nicola Griffith has some thoughts on this dilemma. » 1/21/11 6:30am 1/21/11 6:30am

Strange Visitors And Broken Hearts Will Restore Your Faith In Short…

If you believe in reading short fiction for pleasure, you're condemned to frequent disappointment. Most short fiction, even the good stuff, is... laborious. So when reading the anthology Eclipse Three, you may be startled at the unexpected sensation of enjoyment. » 11/19/09 1:00pm 11/19/09 1:00pm

3 New Anthologies Bring Werewolves, ADD-Afflicted Drinking Birds, And…

This may be the best era for original anthologies since the days of Dangerous Visions. Jonathan Strahan announced the final list of contributors for Eclipse 3, and it's made of want. Other anthologies promise down-and-dirty werewolves, and stellar flash fiction. » 8/20/09 11:59am 8/20/09 11:59am

4 Authors We Wish Would Return To Science Fiction

Some of our favorite science fiction authors appear to have left SF behind, after creating stories that live with us forever. We asked Nicola Griffith, Karen Joy Fowler, Samuel R. Delany and Mary Doria Russell why they left the genre. » 6/10/09 1:35pm 6/10/09 1:35pm

The Future Of Human Knowledge Is A Joss Whedon Villain?

A new search engine promises to gather all "computational knowledge" and make you an instant expert on any topic. So why does it have the ominous Joss-Whedon-villain name Wolfram Alpha? » 5/16/09 1:38pm 5/16/09 1:38pm

Amazon.Com Banishes Queer SF Writers To A Null Dimension

Online books retailer Amazon.com erased untold numbers of books with mature or queer themes from its site, apparently in a drive to remove "adult" material. And some science-fiction authors were hit hard. » 4/13/09 7:30am 4/13/09 7:30am

Zeppelins On Mars, Water Purification On Earth: Research Secrets Of Two…

The most irksome aspect of writing a science fiction story is often the research. Sometimes you have the perfect story, but it's based on junk science. Here's how Caitlin Kiernan and Nicola Griffith handled it. » 2/12/09 2:00pm 2/12/09 2:00pm

Science Fiction Writers Bust Out Of Lambda Scifi Category

The Lambda Literary Awards' science fiction category sometimes comes in for derision (for example, for passing over Octavia Butler's awesome Fledgling in favor of a markedly inferior work a couple years ago.) But this year's Lambda winners, announced last night, do include some great SF writers in non-SF categories.… » 5/30/08 4:30pm 5/30/08 4:30pm