What if the X-Men starred in Star Wars?

Here's a mash-up we'll see quarter to never. Rey Arzeno took the Original Trilogy's leading cast, threw in some of the X-Men's genealogy, and voilà — "Darth Holme" and her wayward children Kurt Skywalker and Princess Leianna. By the way, that's Destiny (not Storm, deceiving Force lightning) as a stand-in for the… » 9/05/12 4:00pm 9/05/12 4:00pm

Zany X-Men fashions turn Magneto into a preening popinjay

We've been enjoying the heck out of Kevin Wada and Max Wittert's X-Men clothing line (previously: 1, 2) — these drawings transform Marvel Comics' strangest superteam into a collective of blasé performance artists who blow Xavier's endowment on smart drinks imported from the farthest reaches of the Shi'ar Empire. » 2/07/12 10:50am 2/07/12 10:50am

The 15 Dumbest Superhero Retcons Of All Time

Superheroes can escape almost any trap... except for 50 years' worth of backstory that's dated, self-contradictory or gets in the way of a story. So what do you do? Reach for the retcon! Here are 15 examples of retcon fail. » 11/17/09 8:40am 11/17/09 8:40am