The Next Wave Of Animated Batman Figures Comes With An Awesome Nightwing

We've known it's been coming for a while after DC announced delays to try and fix the problems with the toyline, but at last, here's some good news for the toyline based on Batman: The Animated Series and The New Adventures Of Batman: Nightwing is on the way, and he looks rather lovely. »3/18/15 2:57pm3/18/15 2:57pm


7 Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Arrow-style TV Shows

It's still a little weird to say out loud, but The CW's Green Arrow show Arrow is good. Like, really good. Like, a perfect match of superheroics, accessibility and non-superheroic drama for mass audiences, and with no need for budget-busting special effects. It's possibly the perfect superhero TV show, and it got us… »2/26/13 1:00pm2/26/13 1:00pm

Artwork from scrapped Nightwing cartoon shows off DC heroes, Legend of Korra style

Several years back, Legend of Korra director and artist Ki Hyun Ryu created character designs for an animated series starring Batman's sidekick Dick Grayson, who usually goes by the crime-fighting moniker Nightwing. Even though this series never went anywhere — and Cartoon Network went with Young Justice instead — Ryu »8/06/12 11:35am8/06/12 11:35am

Crowdfund a Static Shock fan film, a classic Osamu Tezuka manga, a Nightwing hoodie, and more

Tons of goodies await generous crowdfunders this week. You can hop on board a classic children's manga by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, a gorgeous and spooky storybook by a pair of animation artists, a new comic by wonderful webcomic fantasy writer, and a hooded sweatshirt based on Nightwing's costume. Pick your… »6/24/12 2:00pm6/24/12 2:00pm

Who You Gonna Believe About Batman RIP? USA Today Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

USA Today is running a story today that gives away the end of DC Comics' Batman RIP »11/18/08 7:10pm11/18/08 7:10pm storyline - but in a way that may be contradicted by DC's own solicitation for February 2009's final issue of . To go along with , are we looking at a Clintonian parsing of the meaning of "dead"? As you may expect, spoilers follow.With…

Batman RIP Takes Down Nightwing, Robin And Birds Of Prey

While we may have to wait two weeks for the delayed conclusion of comic storyline Batman RIP »11/05/08 6:30pm11/05/08 6:30pm, the aftershocks are already leaking out... like the fact that DC Comics are cancelling the long-running series for all of Batman's sidekicks. February 2009's issues of , and - all of which have run for over a decade - will…