How is the sequester affecting science in America?

The Federal Government's budget sequester has left the nation's science and technology funding at its lowest in years. As predicted, labs are ditching projects and scientists; researchers are looking overseas for jobs and funding; health initiatives are being hamstrung; and federal agencies across the board are… »9/10/13 11:30am9/10/13 11:30am

Will private schools soon be the only places where students can learn about science?

The United Kingdom's science minister, David Willetts, thinks that private and international investments can help establish the UK as a world leader in scientific and technological research. But is Willett's plan really feasible? And if it is, is it one the United States could utilize as well? »1/05/12 2:04pm1/05/12 2:04pm

The NIH will not offer public access to information about its researchers' financial ties

Scientists have long been required to list any and all conflicts of interest that could unduly influence the objectivity of their research — for example, they would need to reveal if a tobacco company funded research showing that smoking doesn't cause cancer. However, this kind of information is not always readily… »8/03/11 6:47pm8/03/11 6:47pm