Doctor Who's Dark New Direction. Plus Another Hulk Rumor Debunked!

What is Marvel's plan for its ambitious movie schedule through 2019? How will the new Power Rangers movie connect to the TV show? Robin Lord Taylor says Gotham has a story for how the Penguin gets his distinctive walk. Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD. Plus, fresh looks at The Walking Dead season five.… »7/23/14 9:00am7/23/14 9:00am


First Picture of Patrick Stewart on set for X-Men: Days of Future Past

Ben Kingsley reveals what to expect from the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Anthony Mackie explains the Falcon's role in Captain America 2. Learn how the music in Star Trek Into Darkness reflects the movie's tone. The only Lord of the Rings actor who didn't return for The Hobbit says he'd be willing to appear. Spoilers… »4/16/13 9:00am4/16/13 9:00am

Major Hints About Iron Man 3, Jurassic Park 4, Ninja Turtles and Doctor Who!

There's another report out about how Benedict Cumberbatch's villain in Star Trek Into Darkness isn't who you think it is... and by that, I mean he's exactly who you think he is. Guillermo del Toro dreams of Pacific Rim's robots taking on Godzilla. Looper's Rian Johnson is going cyberpunk. Aaron Eckhart discusses his… »4/05/13 9:00am4/05/13 9:00am

A classic monster returns for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. Plus S.H.I.E.L.D. hints from Agent Coulson himself!

Check out new videos for Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and more. Captain America: The Winter Soldier starts filming, while The Avengers 2 makes plans for 2014. An Arrested Development star joins Ninja Turtles. Guillermo del Toro is optimistic about a Pacific Rim sequel, while James… »4/03/13 9:00am4/03/13 9:00am

We will be spared the nightmare of Michael Bay's TMNT until at least June 2014

If you believe in some sort of deity, it might be time to offer he/she/it/them a little prayer of thanks — Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which as you'll recall might not have turtles in it but will have Megan Fox, has been delayed yet again until June 6th, 2014. Additionally, while most early… »2/28/13 2:40pm2/28/13 2:40pm

That fourth Ninja Turtles movie could have also given us Super Splinter and Raptor Raphael

A few days ago, we posted a few concept art pieces from the unmade fourth '90s live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, revealing a fifth turtle named after Jack Kirby and an evil April so busty she looks ready to tip over. But the '90s turtle train doesn't stop there; Comic Book Movie poster nailbiter111… »12/16/12 12:30pm12/16/12 12:30pm

Is the writer of The Empire Strikes Back returning for the new Star Wars movies?

Could one of the most important Star Wars creators be writing the middle film of the new trilogy? Also, Thor star Chris Hemsworth explains why Jane Foster is probably annoyed with Thor. Zack Snyder talks Michael Shannon's work in Man of Steel. Another rumor claims David Tennant is returning to Doctor Who. Plus an… »11/21/12 9:00am11/21/12 9:00am

General Grievous returns while Finn travels to a post-apocalyptic alternate reality on Adventure Time!

This week in the world of cartoons, Clone Wars continues the David Tennant saga and tosses the Younglings into their first adventure while Regular Show and Adventure Time return!
As always - minor spoilers ahead!
»11/17/12 10:00am11/17/12 10:00am

Top image courtesy of Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network. airs…

Cameos galore on the series finale of Avengers and Doctor Who's David Tennant is the keeper of lightsabers!

This week in the world of cartoons, we unfortunately see the series finale of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but we get a very cool Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic returns! »11/10/12 10:00am11/10/12 10:00am

One of the best comic book-based cartoons in decades, successfully serviced comic book fans…

The Green Goblin finally appears on Ultimate Spider-Man and check out these Flying Dragons from Clone Wars!

This week in the world of cartoons, Green Goblin makes his debut in the two-part season finale of Ultimate Spider-Man, flying dragons join the Onderon rebels on Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Starscream continues to wreak havoc as this season of Tranformers: Prime winds down. »10/27/12 10:00am10/27/12 10:00am


A new hero is born in the Star Wars Universe and check out this David Bowie impression from Adventure Time!

This week in the world of cartoons, rebel Saw Gerrera becomes a major player in the Star Wars Universe, Starscream begs for mercy on Transformers: Prime, and we see three tales of Halloween terror on Regular Show! »10/20/12 10:00am10/20/12 10:00am

Top image courtesy of Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network.