Must Watch: Ursula Le Guin and other authors discussing science fiction

The made-for-cable-TV show Science Fiction Conversations features the involvement of an amazing bunch of science fiction authors. Vonda McIntyre directed the episodes. Nisi Shawl and Eileen Gunn hosted the show. And the authors interviewed included Ursula K. Le Guin, Hiromi Goto and Gunn herself. Fortunately, three… » 1/20/12 9:46am 1/20/12 9:46am

Great summer reading from independent science fiction publishers

We've shared our summer book suggestions already, but Nisi Shawl has three suggestions we missed, featuring new voices from independent publishers. The Writing The Other co-author's picks include sexually-transmitted zombies, probability-altering powers and a world where mammoths still roam. » 7/27/10 6:20am 7/27/10 6:20am