First Watchmen 2 artwork leaks (UPDATED)

You heard that Watchmen prequels were in the pipeline; now take a look at some of the reputed artwork. Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston has gotten his hands on Joe and Andy Kubert's designs for Nite Owl and JG Jones' Comedian from the Watchmen prequel miniseries, which are being developed under the moniker "Panic Room." » 12/25/11 6:35am 12/25/11 6:35am

A brief video history of owls in science fiction and fantasy

The new movie Legend of the Guardians presents owls as heroic warriors fighting rival owl eugenicists. (Really.) But the owls of Ga'Hoole are just the latest in a proud tradition of fantastical owls that are alternately wise, creepy, mysterious...and awesome. » 9/26/10 4:35pm 9/26/10 4:35pm

Could the Avengers approach have worked for Watchmen?

Looking at all the fan-made poster for The Avengers last night, a thought struck me: Maybe the best way to film the sprawling ensemble piece that is Alan Moore's Watchmen would have been to borrow from Marvel's approach? » 6/04/10 12:30pm 6/04/10 12:30pm

The Love Affair That Was The Real Reason The Comedian Died

We've shown you Ponderosa's... individual take on The Dark Knight before, but now the slash artist has turned her attention to Watchmen, and revealed that never-before-known connection between Sally and Ozymandias. Yes, really. Possibly NSFW. » 4/05/09 11:00am 4/05/09 11:00am

9 Questions You May Have About Watchmen

You've seen the posters, the many trailers and featurettes and followed the lawsuit. But with Watchmen hitting screens on Friday, you may still be wondering what it's all about. Let us try to help. » 3/01/09 12:00pm 3/01/09 12:00pm

Who's The Giant Blue Guy?

That would be Dr. Manhattan. Yes, he spends a lot of the film naked; being transformed from an everyday nuclear scientist into what is essentially a glowing blue god with powers and perspective beyond those of normal human beings tends to make you less bothered about things like "clothing," apparently. » 3/01/09 11:51am 3/01/09 11:51am

What's With Characters With "II" After Their Names, Like Nite Owl II…

In the world of comics, superheroes - like movies - have sequels. This wasn't always the case, and, confusingly, still isn't; Superman is still Clark Kent and Batman is still Bruce Wayne (Let's just ignore that whole "Battle For The Cowl" thing for now, huh?) despite the fact that they've fought for justice alongside… » 3/01/09 11:48am 3/01/09 11:48am

Watchmen's Axis Of Evil Has A Dangerous "Package"

New stills from Zack Snyder's Watchmen are popping up all over, and the movie's minor bad guys are looking pretty crazy, nothing says evil like a giant swastika. Plus check out Nite Owl's snow gear. » 1/30/09 12:30pm 1/30/09 12:30pm

New Watchmen Diary Almost Flashes Us Dr. Manhattan's Goods

The latest Watchmen » 9/08/08 9:30am 9/08/08 9:30am journal is out, and this time we get a behind-the-scenes look at the cinematography, and how the team tried to make every scene symmetrical and exactly like the set-up of the graphic novel. Plus new images of Dan Dreiberg as the second Nite Owl and Billy Crudup all blued-up in his Dr. Manhattan…

Prop Photos Reveal Watchmen’s New Ninja Weapons

Zack Snyder has repeatedly pledged that the Watchmen film will remain true to its comic roots, but he has introduced at least a few of his own innovations to the Watchmen universe. A slew of new prop photos suggests that the onscreen version of the second Nite Owl will be sporting some gizmos you won't find in the… » 8/06/08 2:20pm 8/06/08 2:20pm

Inside the Owlship from the Watchmen

Sure, you've seen the sweet footage of the outside of Nite Owl's garage-made submersible ship in previews for Watchmen. But today, io9 takes you inside the Owlship. From the floor at Comic-Con, where all 800 pounds of the ship sat behind velvet ropes, we got a long, loving look inside the steampunky, industrial ship.… » 7/24/08 6:46pm 7/24/08 6:46pm

Watch How Faithful Watchmen Will Be

Watchmen star Patrick Wilson wants to reassure fans worried about Zack Snyder's adaptation of the famous graphic novel that everything's okay; they can still expect a Cold War-era downbeat ending when the movie gets released next year. And now we can see just how faithful Snyder is being to the original ourselves, as… » 7/17/08 12:59pm 7/17/08 12:59pm

Nite Owl's Study Is A Museum Of The Minutemen

In the latest behind-the scenes Watchmen diary from UGO original graphic novel artist Dave Gibbons explains how shocked and amazed he was by the attention to detail all around the set. And so are we - especially when it comes to has-been superhero Nite Owl's study. Click through for a clip, plus a gallery of the old… » 7/08/08 1:30pm 7/08/08 1:30pm