The All-American Expo That Invaded Cold War Russia

Over the course of six weeks during the height of the Cold War, almost three million Soviets visited an exhibition that celebrated America. American kitchens, American art, American cars, and most especially American capitalism. The American National Exhibition in Moscow was a full-court press to convince the Soviet… »7/25/14 12:32pm7/25/14 12:32pm


Futurama's latest episode is an homage to The Far Side and a joy forever

I hate political satires. I hate satires on current events. Last night's Futurama, entitled Decision 3012, was both. And yet, it was incredibly great. It includes everything from Nixon hamming it up to a treatise on the time travel paradox in the Terminator movies — but the real reason to watch is the endless sight… »6/28/12 3:32pm6/28/12 3:32pm