How the Runaways Movie That Never Happened Helped to Fuel Iron Man 3

Before Drew Pearce co-wrote Iron Man 3, he was working on a screenplay of Brian K. Vaughan's amazing comic The Runaways. And before that, he created the superhero sitcom No Heroics. He talked to io9 about how those projects helped lead to Iron Man 3, and also addresses Iron Man 3's most controversial twists. Maximum… » 5/20/13 8:00am 5/20/13 8:00am

Jewel Staite meets an angel. Plus Colin Ferguson's dinosaurs and Young Justice's origin!

How can you get through television's Thanksgiving lull? We're here to help. There are half-kaiju, half-teenager rebels, walking dinosaur skeletons, a team of superhero sidekicks, and Jewel Staite romancing Flash Gordon. Plus Chuck, Walking Dead and Sanctuary. It'll be okay. » 11/22/10 9:00am 11/22/10 9:00am

Superhero Sitcom Won't Lose Its Powers When It Crosses The Atlantic

No Heroics, the British sitcom that proved superheroes can be just as raunchy and insecure as the rest of us, is coming to the U.S.. But ABC's version won't be a Life On Mars-style remake. Original creator Drew Pearce says he'll be involved in the new version, and it'll stay true to the U.K. version. We'll have more… » 2/13/09 10:30am 2/13/09 10:30am

Doctor Who Director Promises His Superhero Show Won’t Be “Heroes”

With the increasingly bloated cast of NBC’s Heroes » 10/23/08 2:30pm 10/23/08 2:30pm and a pub full of powers in , it might seem like there’s hardly room for another set of caped characters on TV. But BBC1 has given Joe Ahearne the go-ahead to pen , a show inspired by his love of Marvel comics. And the one-time director assures the viewing public…

Discover The Secrets Of No Heroics' Superpowered Pub

Last week, we talked to No Heroics' Drew Pearce » 10/19/08 2:00pm 10/19/08 2:00pm and let you know both how awesome the British sitcom is and how much of a true superhero geek Pearce is, under his cool and calm television professional exterior. This week, we're letting you see proof of both of those things for yourself with a look at all of the…

io9 Learns About Secret History Of Superheroes From No Heroics' Creator Drew Pearce

We've told you about No Heroics before - the hilarious British sitcom that makes you realize that superheroes are just as screwed up as the rest of us, if not moreso. If you're not convinced that this should be your new favorite sitcom yet, we talked to show creator Drew Pearce about the show's history, his geek… » 10/11/08 12:00pm 10/11/08 12:00pm

Move Over Batman — Here's A Real Superhero Bad Boy

You know what today's superheroes need? They need to be more edgy and "bad"... as D-list superhero The Hotness explains in this awesome clip from the latest episode of British superhero sitcom No Heroics » 10/07/08 2:20pm 10/07/08 2:20pm. Watching the Hotness try to explain that he's a good guy, but he's also a bad boy — but he's really good at being…

A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Superpower

Here's the first trailer for No Heroics » 8/29/08 12:30pm 8/29/08 12:30pm, the sitcom about superheroes hanging out in a bar that we mentioned the other day. It looks like a lovely mix of and , with genuinely funny, neurotic characters. I like the fact that the characters are funny for other reasons besides their superpowers, including their healthy…

Can Sex And The City And Entourage Inspire A Superhero Comedy?

Could fantastical stories save the sitcom from extinction? First the Sunny In Philadelphia » 8/26/08 10:42am 8/26/08 10:42am guys start working on a comedy called , about life on a starship between missions. And now Britain's ITV2 is launching a new sitcom about off-duty superheroes called . How long before we see an American version of this show?…