California just had its warmest winter on record

California just had its warmest winter since record keeping began 119 years ago, according to newly published NOAA data. Meanwhile, the midwest is recovering from one of its top-ten coldest seasons ever. The jury's still out on the role of climate change in both regions' wintertide weirdness. Tim McDonnel has details… » 3/13/14 2:40pm 3/13/14 2:40pm

Watch ten years' worth of global weather unfold in just three minutes

When NASA decommissioned the GOES-12 on August 16th, the weather satellite had been locked in geostationary orbit around Earth for a little over 12 years, snapping regular photos of the western hemisphere. Here now are a decade's worth of captured images, compressed into a three-minute stop motion masterpiece. » 9/04/13 7:30am 9/04/13 7:30am

Explore the ocean floor via live cam, in high definition, RIGHT NOW

Stop what you're doing and watch this. Below the fold are three high-definition streams of the ocean floor, currently broadcasting LIVE via NOAA's new 6,000-meter remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Deep Discoverer. It's... well... let's just say you might want to clear your schedule for the day. » 8/12/13 10:40am 8/12/13 10:40am

This machine helped predict the weekend's giant blizzard

All up and down the east coast of North America, news of an incoming blizzard has been brewing for days. Before it hit, people from New York and Connecticut to Ontario knew in advance to expect over a foot of snow. We take this kind of accurate forecasting for granted, but we shouldn't. Our ability to predict the… » 2/08/13 1:19pm 2/08/13 1:19pm

Here's the earliest known map of the Gulf Stream, created by Benjamin…

Benjamin Franklin's perspicacity never fails to amaze. In few places is his mental acuity more evident than his letters of correspondence, wherein Franklin frequently ruminated on topics scientific, technical and philosophical. What follows is an excerpt from one such letter, originally addressed to a scientific… » 12/28/12 8:20am 12/28/12 8:20am

Find out when your house will be overtaken by rising seas

Sea levels are on the rise. Is your home at risk of being submerged in the next 10, 50, 100, 300 years? The New York Times is featuring a great interactive applet that will help you find out. Unlike Surging Seas (the similarly themed applet launched by the folks at Climate Central earlier this year), the NYT app… » 12/03/12 6:40am 12/03/12 6:40am