Watch a Robot Explore 2100 Meters Below the Pacific Ocean, Live Right Now

Two robotic submersibles, or ROVs, have just plunged into the warm waters off the coast of Hawaii and are plunging 2100 meters to the sea floor to explore. And it’s happening right now, live. You can watch the squid swim by and visit this remote region that’s never been explored by humans. »8/11/15 4:17pm8/11/15 4:17pm

A Warm Ocean "Blob" In the Pacific Is Feeding a Toxic Algae Bloom 

The Blob has been there for over a year—a cauldron of extra-warm ocean temperatures off the coast of the Pacific Northwest that just won’t budge. The Blob has already affected food availability and habitats for marine life, and now scientists are starting to see at least one dangerous side-effect of the Blob: A… »8/08/15 11:00am8/08/15 11:00am

Ecologist Barbara Schroeder is the National Sea Turtle Coordinator (!)

Ecologist Barbara Schroeder is the National Sea Turtle Coordinator (!) for NOAA, overseeing the conservation and recovery of turtles in U.S. waters. In honor of National Sea Turtle Week, she’s hosting an AMA over at /r/science. Got a question about sea turtles? She’ll be answering questions from 2:00 pm—4:00 pm ET. »6/18/15 2:40pm6/18/15 2:40pm

Our Planet Just Experienced The Warmest Start To The Year On Record

The climate figures for February are out, and it doesn't look good. According to a new NOAA report, global average temperature over both land and ocean surfaces for February was the second highest for the month since recordkeeping began. What's more, we just experienced the warmest year-to-date (Jan-Feb) on record. »3/18/15 2:30pm3/18/15 2:30pm

These Are All The Areas Likely To Be Hit By The Coral Bleaching Outbreak

Coral bleaching is among nature's spookiest reactions. One day, a section of coral is teeming with life and color. Then, suddenly, all that's left is the bleached out outline of that empty coral, a ghost coral in empty waters. And we could be headed for a truly landscape altering coral bleaching this year. »3/09/15 12:20pm3/09/15 12:20pm