Last Night's Falling Skies Highlighted The Show's Most Fundamental Flaw

Last night’s Falling Skies got off to a fantastic start—that opening sequence, showcasing the rubble of our world, dotted with alien corpses full of snakes, was beautiful. And seeing the renegade Pope as the heroic rescuer was fantastic. It was the set-up for a great episode... that didn’t quite materialize. »7/27/15 6:00pm7/27/15 6:00pm


Who can the 2nd Mass trust, and who's marked for death, on Falling Skies?

We're halfway through season two of Falling Skies, TNT's show about the last remnants of humanity in the wake of an alien invasion. And the cast and crew assembled at Comic Con for a panel moderated by 2nd Watch host Wil Wheaton. The Second Mass is ever vigilant against the threat of aliens — but they weren't on guard… »7/14/12 11:40am7/14/12 11:40am

That Falling Skies Cliffhanger: "We wrote ourselves into a little bit of a corner"

Falling Skies threw a huge curveball in the last few minutes of its first season — the sort of weird out-of-nowhere turn of events that makes you wonder if you missed a few episodes. And now that the show is coming back for its second season June 17, the show's cast and new showrunner admit that they were just as… »5/11/12 6:13pm5/11/12 6:13pm

Watch Noah Wyle battle alien spider-drones, for the future of humanity

We've been so excited for Spielberg's "last survivors of humanity vs. dinosaurs" show Terra Nova that we've forgotten about Spielberg's "last survivors of humanity vs. aliens" show Falling Skies. But this new teaser, which just came out a few minutes ago, makes a bold gambit to put Falling Skies back on the map. »2/18/11 2:31pm2/18/11 2:31pm