Falling Skies is turning into a show about the dangers of understanding…

The mysterious aliens on Falling Skies are slowly getting less mysterious as the show goes on. We've had more contact with the harnessed kids, including Ben but also the still-harnessed Karen. We've learned about a Skitter uprising. And Tom has spent some time aboard an alien ship. » 7/20/12 2:33pm 7/20/12 2:33pm

Who can the 2nd Mass trust, and who's marked for death, on Falling Skies

We're halfway through season two of Falling Skies, TNT's show about the last remnants of humanity in the wake of an alien invasion. And the cast and crew assembled at Comic Con for a panel moderated by 2nd Watch host Wil Wheaton. The Second Mass is ever vigilant against the threat of aliens — but they weren't on guard… » 7/14/12 8:40am 7/14/12 8:40am

Why does nobody ever obey orders on Falling Skies?

About halfway through last night's episode of Falling Skies, there's a super-inspirational moment where the episode's guest star assures Captain Weaver that all the 176 people following him super-respect him as their leader. Except, of course, the whole rest of the episode consists of nothing but everybody… » 6/25/12 11:20am 6/25/12 11:20am

Falling Skies Season 2: No More Magic Bullets

Falling Skies season one gave us a sometimes-intense look at the world after a devastating alien invasion. But in season two, the stakes get massively raised, and life gets a lot harder for the Second Mass, according to the show's stars and showrunner. » 6/13/12 4:30pm 6/13/12 4:30pm

That Falling Skies Cliffhanger: "We wrote ourselves into a little bit…

Falling Skies threw a huge curveball in the last few minutes of its first season — the sort of weird out-of-nowhere turn of events that makes you wonder if you missed a few episodes. And now that the show is coming back for its second season June 17, the show's cast and new showrunner admit that they were just as… » 5/11/12 3:13pm 5/11/12 3:13pm

Pick the best Falling Skies photo caption — and send the winner to…

Here it is — the final contest of wits and heart. Hundreds of you submitted your captions for our exclusive photo of Falling Skies season two. And now we've picked the ten best entries. » 12/22/11 12:30pm 12/22/11 12:30pm

Caption This Exclusive Falling Skies Picture, and Win a Visit to the…

We're eagerly awaiting a second season of Falling Skies, TNT's post-apocalyptic TV show about humans struggling to survive after an alien invasion. The good news is, Falling Skies is filming more episodes right now — and we've got your first exclusive photo of season two! » 12/14/11 3:00pm 12/14/11 3:00pm

Why the Haters are Wrong about Falling Skies

Falling Skies started out as an admittedly cheesy show about lovable people surviving the aftermath of an alien invasion. But it's grown into something a bit more interesting, and last night's episode showcased a lot of what's good about it. » 8/01/11 5:30pm 8/01/11 5:30pm

A single clip shows Falling Skies at its best — and its worst

Last night's Falling Skies showed just how much potential Steven Spielberg's post-alien-apocalypse show has. And yet, the major flaw that drags the show down was still much in evidence. » 7/11/11 5:00pm 7/11/11 5:00pm

What's the difference between slavery and symbiosis?

The most interesting part of Falling Skies, so far, is the relationship between the Skitters and the children they've taken captive. And the more we learn about the harnessed children, the more interesting they get. » 7/04/11 2:11pm 7/04/11 2:11pm

Just one clip will leave you with no doubt that Noah Wyle is an…

In case you had any doubts about Noah Wyle's ability to tackle the ongoing alien invasion and take the world back from the six-legged bastards in Falling Skies, this clip ought to put them to rest. » 6/27/11 5:56pm 6/27/11 5:56pm

The Coolest Scene of Alien-Fighting from Last Night's Falling Skies

Steven Spielberg's new show Falling Skies launched last night on TNT, and the good news is, it got gangbuster ratings for a basic cable show: 5.9 million viewers, more than The Walking Dead's first episode on AMC. » 6/20/11 5:35pm 6/20/11 5:35pm

Why Falling Skies breaks the mold of alien invasion shows

We've had a lot of unscrupulous aliens coming to our planet on television lately, but Falling Skies isn't just another mystery-alien show along the lines of V or The Event. Instead, Steven Spielberg's new show is a whole different phenomenon. » 6/17/11 12:04pm 6/17/11 12:04pm

Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies = Saving Private Ryan with Aliens

Steven Spielberg's alien invasion show Falling Skies will show off the alien invaders in the opening moments of the first episode, judging from footage we saw at Wondercon. » 4/02/11 6:00am 4/02/11 6:00am

Watch the lights go out on Planet Earth, in a chilling new Falling…

Steven Spielberg's newest aliens are here... and they don't just want to phone home. This trailer for Spielberg's TNT show Falling Skies shows how the invasion begins, and makes it clear just how helpless we are. » 3/29/11 5:30pm 3/29/11 5:30pm

Watch Noah Wyle battle alien spider-drones, for the future of humanity

We've been so excited for Spielberg's "last survivors of humanity vs. dinosaurs" show Terra Nova that we've forgotten about Spielberg's "last survivors of humanity vs. aliens" show Falling Skies. But this new teaser, which just came out a few minutes ago, makes a bold gambit to put Falling Skies back on the map. » 2/18/11 11:31am 2/18/11 11:31am

First trailer from Steven Spielberg's alien invasion series Falling…

Round up the local ET-fighting militia — the first ever video footage from alien invasion TV series Falling Skies is out. We like the look of the aliens, and Steven Spielberg's producer credit. But will the show itself be good? » 12/27/10 12:15pm 12/27/10 12:15pm

20 heroic librarians who save the world

If information is power, then there's no hero mightier than a librarian. Librarians are superheroes, adventurers, explorers and invaluable guides to other heroes. Here are 20 amazing librarians who save the world every day! » 10/22/10 4:23pm 10/22/10 4:23pm

Noah Wyle: I had a Doctor Who scarf as a teenager

In case you doubted that Noah Wyle was One Of Us, he told us at SDCC that he proudly owned a Doctor Who scarf as a teenager. He also told us the best method of killing Falling Skies' alien invaders. » 8/04/10 12:30pm 8/04/10 12:30pm

Our first glimpse of Spielberg's "Jericho meets Independence Day" series

In Falling Skies, Steven Spielberg's TV series coming summer 2011, it's six months since aliens wiped out most of humanity. How can Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood prevail? Our first glimpse of a trailer gave us some hints. Spoilers ahead... » 7/24/10 9:00am 7/24/10 9:00am