Storage 24 is like Doctor Who without all the things that make Doctor Who great

Probably the main reason why anybody's aware of Storage 24, the new British monster movie, is the Doctor Who connection. Star and co-writer Noel Clarke played Mickey Smith in the first two seasons of nuWho, and the movie's setup feels very Who as well: people trapped in a claustrophobic space, being hunted by an alien… »1/11/13 12:30pm1/11/13 12:30pm

Doctor Who's Noel Clarke explains how a Spider-Man villain wound up in his horror movie

Noel Clarke, better known as Doctor Who's Mickey Smith, co-wrote and stars in the very bloody monster movie Storage 24. We got Clarke on the phone to talk about the weird Spider-Man inspirations behind the alien monster, what really scares him the most about simple storage units, and why he thought he was cut from … »1/10/13 2:10pm1/10/13 2:10pm

Red band trailer for Storage 24 is like a gorier version of Doctor Who

We're exclusively premiering the red band trailer for the British monster movie Storage 24. Written by and starring Doctor Who's Noel Clarke, this movie has a very simple premise: a bunch of folks are locked in a storage unit with a giant alien, and that alien is PISSED. Watch as people are happily sliced apart by… »12/18/12 2:13pm12/18/12 2:13pm