Walking Dead's Casting Director On Finding Heroes, Villains & Zombies

One of the most striking characteristics about The Walking Dead this season is its abundance of actors of color. Earlier on in the series, this wasn't the case. Token black characters were the norm, and diversity was lacking. » 11/07/14 4:29pm 11/07/14 4:29pm

Norman Reedus is releasing a book of Daryl Dixon Fan Art

Daryl Dixon might just be the most popular thing about The Walking Dead, and Norman Reedus knows it - so he's gathered select bits of his fan's art into a new book. » 9/14/14 3:50pm 9/14/14 3:50pm

Humanity's Last Hope Is Running Out Of Breath In The Movie Air

Produced by The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, Air stars TWD's Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou as maintenance workers in a silo containing the remnants of cryogenically frozen humanity after the air turns poison. As this first trailer reveals, something goes wrong, and the two workers have to fix it... fast. » 7/27/14 9:15am 7/27/14 9:15am

Walking Dead's Norman Reedus to star as an apocalyptic janitor in Air

Everyone's favorite Walking Dead character is getting his own personal apocalypse movie. Set in an underground facility isolated from the destroyed future Earth, Norman Reedus is the caretaker for the only survivors left on the planet, who all happen to be frozen. » 2/19/14 7:40am 2/19/14 7:40am

Conan O'Brien's The Walking Dead special was astoundingly awesome

The second half of The Walking Dead's (pretty excellent) season 4 begins on this Sunday evening, but last night talk show host Conan O'Brien welcomed the show back with a full-on undead extravaganza, complete with zombie lesbians making out, Daryl singing, and the greatest cold open in Conan history. » 2/07/14 7:20am 2/07/14 7:20am

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus is as unafraid of zombies as Daryl is

We all know Daryl Dixon is a badass, and it seems like the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus, is probably one as well. In the ultimate test, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) and prankster Nick Santonastasso team up to put Reedus in a "real" zombie attack. » 1/17/14 11:34am 1/17/14 11:34am

Norman Reedus' early crossbow training for Walking Dead did not go well

While we all now know TWD's Daryl Dixon as a zombie-killing badass, actor Norman Reedus needed a great deal of crossbow training before he could play the role so effectively. As Conan O'Brien's research team discovered via this footage, Reedus had a lot to learn when he first picked up Daryl's crossbow. » 11/05/13 7:45am 11/05/13 7:45am

Squirrel-riding Daryl Dixon heralds The Walking Dead's return

The Walking Dead wakes from its brief dirt nap tonight, refreshed and ready to shower us with zombie guts. Celebrate with Daryl Dixon and this absurd portrait by Dena Jarrar, and chat about tonight's episode here. » 10/13/13 6:00pm 10/13/13 6:00pm

The Walking Dead's badass Daryl explains how you too can be a badass

Are you ready for the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead this Sunday night? If not, then you'd best watch this instructional video from Norman Reedus, who plays zombie-killer extraordinaire Daryl, in which he discusses the secrets of being a total badass. As the show's only total badass*, I think he would know. » 10/10/13 2:30pm 10/10/13 2:30pm

The Avengers team up again to take on a tech-eating parasite and the…

It's not exactly Avengers 2, but Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye have gotten back together — along with War Machine and an extremely grumpy Punisher — to take on the Technovore in Marvel's upcoming animated movie (literally, it's anime). » 3/14/13 9:50am 3/14/13 9:50am

Watch The Walking Dead footage from New York Comic Con

Five minutes from tonight's Walking Dead premiere was screened at New York Comic Con last night, and now it's already online. Check out the gang's first bloody encounter with a walker herd. » 10/16/11 10:00am 10/16/11 10:00am

The Walking Dead is totally on the run for zombie-plagued season two

We talked to the cast and crew of The Walking Dead, and they told us what to expect for season two, why we won't be seeing any celebrity zombies, and why Frank Darabont doesn't want the show to become Lost. » 7/25/11 4:29pm 7/25/11 4:29pm